CRM Success CRM Software Upgrades Telemagic by Sage CRM

I want to Upgrade 

If you use TeleMagic on a daily basis you will want to upgrade to the latest version because it includes:

  • Powerful Microsoft Outlook integration making it easier than ever to send and receive emails, and keep them all in one place.
  • Upgraded Screen Designer creating more flexible screens with rollups and buttons that automate many repetitive tasks
  • TeleMagic Net letting you to update your database using a web browser from anywhere in the world

Preserve your data, reports, and training investment in TeleMagic.
Take the first step, buy your TeleMagic Upgrade Kit Today
It is available only directly from CRM Success.

You are getting the most flexible, easy to use, all-inclusive solution for only… $199 per user plus $395 for the Kit itself. This is 50% off our regular price. If you are buying one user it is only $995.

Your package includes:

  • Fast Electronic Fullfillment, no shipping charges
  • Downloadable Software and Help Files
  • Free Updates/Upgrades for 1 year
  • *Free 1 hour phone support with purchase of a network license 5+ users

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