TELEMAGIC features



Basic Features of TeleMagic:

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Updates: New Features TeleMagic V5
Also available in pdf format [TMv5features.pdf]

Global Features:

Designed to fit your business requirements.

  • 3-Level contact database and activity database
  • Designed for network and stand-alone PC’s
  • Write interface with mail merge
  • Configurable toolbar
  • Built in e-mail
  • User-defined function keys/macro capability
  • Integrates with major word processors
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Auto-dialer
  • Right mouse button support
  • Branch Scripting
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Datasync Server provides simplified systems administration
  • Ability to define update criteria on a date sensitive basis
  • Select records based on if new, deleted and changed
  • Field by field security with merge updates, coordinates ownership of changes
  • Merge file of only changed records for quick updates
  • Activities and contacts assigned to or from the user are automatically updated
  • Notepads chronologically rearranged

Fax Capabilities:

Increase productivity of faxed-based activities.

  • Fully integrated internal fax software
  • Send up to 10 merge documents in one fax
  • Support up to 10 fax queues
  • Fax any printable document or graphic
  • Supports multiple fax servers
  • Fax status tracking notification
  • Full merge capability
  • Broadcast fax capability
  • Comprehensive fax reporting

Fully Customizable:

All aspects of the Contact Manager are user-definable and fully-customizable.

  • Standard report and faxing support
  • User defined database layout
  • Screen formats and fields are user defined
  • Unlimited notepad number and size
  • Multiple views of each level
  • Calculated and OLE fields supported
  • Definable field length, type, and usage
  • Roll-up data from one level to the next
  • Unlimited phone fields

Activity Manager:

Tools to manage your billable time.

  • View and print day, week & month calendars
  • Icons indicate activity type
  • Link activity to any contact record
  • Multi-User scheduling with built-in conflict resolution
  • Delegate activities to others
  • Automatic scheduling of recurring and extended activities
  • Alarm feature for notification of pending activities
  • Drag & Drop schedule and re-prioritize
  • Filter activities for reporting purposes
  • Activity browse of complete and uncompleted activities

Contact Manager:

Collects contact data, activity history and current status information.

  • Reassign “child” records
  • Filtered indexes
  • Automatic recall setting
  • Quick dial phone buttons
  • Automatic timer of each call made
  • Conversation log records all information to contact
  • Automatic date & time stamp of notepad
  • Quick link of activity to current record
  • Create simple or complex filters to view groups of contacts
  • Indexes on any field on all three levels
  • Group tag or individual record tag
  • Fully configurable contact browse
  • Quick-filter builder o any field for quick access to any record
  • Mass mailing capability
  • Pop-up list boxes or menu choices an any field
  • Sample screen templates included
  • Quick pasting of contact data to Windows clipboard

Powerful Report Generator:

Information from all three levels an be integrated into fully-customizable reports.

  • Many standard reports, labels, envelopes, and much more
  • Custom report writer (multiple fonts, pitches and style, page orientation and size, custom headers and footers and an expression builder)
  • OLE fields
  • If/Then statements, calculated fields
  • Form letters or contracts
  • Quick report printing for current record

System Administration:

Features designed for company-wide and network use.

  • Field by field security for view and edit, view only and no access
  • Security by groups
  • Imbedded security
  • Activity archive by date, user and type
  • Definable user, database and system-wide preferences
  • dBASE Expression builder for field structure, reporting, filters and indexes
  • Import and export to/from common database formats
  • API kit available for further customization

Telephone Integration:

Increase productivity of telephone-based activities

  • North American Dialing Plan Support
  • Support for outbound as well as inbound calls even without a modem
  • Interface with most PBX’s, digital and analog
  • Full telephone support: answer, hold, conference, dial, redial, transfer, caller ID and other features*
  • Automatic logging of date, time, agent, call duration and call notes*Available through add-on product.


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