New Features TeleMagic V5 SP3


Screen Designer: New Toolbar

The buttons on the Screen Designer control bar have been changed to the standard toolbar size. The Order button, Show Grid, and Snap to Grid options are no longer available on the toolbar.

Screen Designer: Open Field Properties

In the Select Field dialog box, a check box for Open Field Properties has been added. This is marked by default. If it is marked, when you add a field to the screen the Field Properties dialog box will open. If it is not marked, the Field Properties dialog box will not open when you add a field. TeleMagic will remember this setting even if the Screen Designer is closed.

Screen Designer: Buttons

User-defined buttons can now be placed on the Contact Manager screen. Clicking the new Button tool on the Screen Designer toolbar will open the Button Properties dialog box. You can use text on the button, or a graphic. If you select a graphic, you will have the same alignment choices that are offered when adding a picture on the screen. The Button Type can be either an external program or function key. The button can be sized on the screen.

Screen Designer: PageFrame

The PageFrame feature enables you to have five rollups on the screen, each on its own tabbed page. To place a PageFrame on the screen, click the PageFrame tool and then click on the page. Click one of the List buttons on the right to open the List Properties for that page.

Screen Designer: Default View and Page for Contact Rollups

In Contact Rollup List Properties, an option for default View and Page has been added. When the Select Default check box is marked, the View and Page drop-down lists become available. The views and pages listed are based on the contact fields selected in the Display expression. When you double-click on a record in this rollup in the Contact Manager, you will be taken to the view and page selected here.

Automation Server Colors

The colored highlights in the Automation Server have been removed. Instead, the color of the text in the Status field is changed.

Message Taker: List of Users

The list of users in the For drop-down list now includes the current user. Notify and Password protect will work the same for the current user as they do for other users.

Message Taker: Link to Contact

When you link a message to a contact, the From field will be filled in with the Contact key field, the Company field will be filled in with the Company key field, and the Phone field will be filled in with the Primary Phone key field. If there is already data in these fields, they will not be changed.

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