New Features TeleMagic V5 SP3


No Duplicate Records

In Database Preferences, a check box has been added for No Duplicate Records. This feature uses the existing duplicate record checking index. If this check box is marked, and a user tries to add a duplicate record, they will not be able to save the record until the duplication is corrected. The user will be able to cancel the adding of the record.

New Security Interface

The Security interface has been redesigned. At the System Level Security screen, you can add, edit and delete Security Groups. Here you grant the security group access to global options such as Rebuild and Preferences. To specify which databases are available to the group, click the Current Members button.

Selecting Databases

In the Select Database dialog box, TeleMagic will now display only databases to which the current user has access.

Expression Builder Focus

When the Expression Builder opens, focus will default to the text box instead of the field list.

Expression Builder: Tables Drop-down List

A Tables drop-down list has been added to the Expression Builder. This list will display the available tables from which you can select fields for your expression. For example, when creating an expression for a calculated field, the drop-down list will show the contact tables; when creating an Activity rollup list in the Screen Designer, the activity table will appear in the drop-down list.

Filters: Analysis

When you click the Analyze button in the filter selection dialog box, the filter that was highlighted in the list of filters will also be highlighted in the Available Filters list when the Select Filters to Analyze window opens.

Don’t Display Filters and Indexes

In Filter and Index setup, a check box has been added which allows you to disable the display of these items in the Contact Manager and Custom Reports. To access this check box in filters, select Edit Filters from the Contact Utilities menu, highlight a filter, and click the Change button. To access this check box in indexes, select Edit Indexes from the Contact Utilities menu, highlight an index, and click Change.

Holiday Maintenance

The Holiday Maintenance feature is now limited to Supervisor users only. If a user is not a member of the Supervisor security group, the menu option will be unavailable.

Import: Confirmation Message

When you double-click an import format, a confirmation dialog box appears. The format name, path, and file name have been added to this message.

Initialize All Records in Filter

In Enterprise’s Record Initialization dialog box, there is now an option to initialize all of the records in a specified filter.

Screen Designer: Drop-down Lists

A check box for Dropdown List has been added to the Field Properties dialog box in the screen designer. When this option is marked, the field becomes a drop-down list on the Contact Manager. The contents of the drop-down list are taken from the field’s list box. You will not be able to change the properties of the list box once the field is configured to be a drop-down list. If a change to the list box is required, you could temporarily change the properties of the field, or you could have the same field appear on another page as a normal field and change the list box from that page.

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