New Features TeleMagic V5 SP3


Duplicate Record Message

When a user tries to add a duplicate record, a message appears to inform the user of the duplicate. This message has been expanded to include the Company, Contact, Address 1 and 2, City, State, ZIP, Phone, and Fax key fields from the first matching duplicate record.

Viewing the Path of a Synchronized Database

In the Select Database dialog box in previous versions, clicking the Change button for a synchronized database displayed a message stating the database could not be changed. You are now able to open the Change the Database Name dialog box for synchronized databases, allowing you to view the path to the database directory but not to alter the database name.

Replying to Linked Message

If you reply to a message that is linked to a contact, the copy of the reply that is located in your Sent folder will be linked to that contact as well, and the e-mail will be shown in the e-mail rollup for that contact.

Pipe Character in E-mail Address Field

If a pipe character (|) is placed in an e-mail field, you will not be allowed to send e-mail to that address, either locally, locally in a filter, or in a filter to the Automation Server. This is based on the behavior of the same character in fax fields.

E-mail Link to Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is now supported. You can use your TeleMagic databases as the source for merge fields. There are setup procedures for both Outlook and Enterprise, which must be completed to use this feature.

Text Changed in Options

In TeleMagic Preferences, the text ‘When using Goto based on the email address, look for contact in:’ has been changed to ‘When using Lookup Contact, look for contact in:’

Message Type in E-mail Rollup

E-mail rollups now include a column that indicates whether the message is Incoming, Linked, or Outgoing.

Default Call Result in Dialer Preferences

A field for Default Call Result has been added to Dialer Preferences. This option determines the contents of the Call Result (Status) field in Call Notes. The Dialer Preferences screen has also been redesigned, and hotkeys were added to those options that did not have them.

Remove ‘Complete Activity’ from Call Notes

A check box has been added to System Preferences for Hide ‘Complete Activity’ in Call Notes. If it is marked, the Complete Activity check box will not appear on the Call Notes screen. This has the affect of call tracking activities always being completed.

Read Records when Filter is Selected

A check box has been added to Database Preferences for Read Records when Filter is Selected. When this check box is marked, TeleMagic will use Rushmore technology to find all of the records in a filter at the time you select the filter, instead of locating the records as you navigate the database. This can cause a delay at the time of filter selection, but will eliminate the delay experienced when moving between records and scrolling through Contact Browse.

Enable Activity Permissions

In System Preferences, a check box has been added for Do not grant full access to new users. If this check box is unmarked, all new users will automatically be granted full access to all other user’s calendars. If it is marked, you can specify the default access for new users. When a user is added, all existing users will have the new user added to their permissions with this level of access. All existing users will also be added to the new user’s permissions at this level. The default is No Access. A check box has also been added to Activity Preferences for Allow all users Full Access to your calendar: If Do not grant full access to new users is not marked, this option and Allow all users Group Scheduling rights to your calendar will be unavailable.

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