New Features TeleMagic V5 SP3


Go To Contact

A Go To Contact button has been added to the Activity dialog box. When you are adding or editing an activity that is linked to a contact, this button will take you to that contact in the Contact Manager.

Activity Refresh

A Refresh option has been added to the Activity menu which will update the calendar when this option is selected.

Activity Toolbar On/Off

A Toolbar option has been added to the Activity menu. This allows you to toggle the Activity toolbar on and off.

Pending Activities List to Front

When a call is started from the Pending Activities list, the list will be brought to the front when the call is saved.

Maintain Position in Pending Activities

When an activity is edited from the Pending Activities list, after completing the edits you will be returned to the position of that activity in the list.

Select Level to Add Record

When a record is added in TeleMagic, a dialog box appears that allows you to select a level. You can now use Alt+1, Alt+2, and Alt+3 from this dialog box to select the desired level.

Save Browse Window Size

When Save Settings is clicked in Browse, the window size and position are now saved as well.

Calculation Efficiency

The technique used to process calculations in calculated fields has been improved. Improvements are most notable in databases with large, complex calculations.

Contact Button in Call Notes

If a call is started from one contact, and you then move to another contact in the Contact Manager, the Contact button in Call Notes will return you to the contact from which the call was started.

Faxes in Linked Documents Rollup

In the Linked Documents rollup, on the Merged Documents page, fax documents are now identified by the subject of the fax.

Associated Files

Files can now be associated with contacts. An option for Associated Files has been added to the Rollups portion of the Current Record menu. A button has also been added to the Contact Manager toolbar. From Associated Files rollup, you can add or remove files in the list, or open the file using the associated application.

Adding an Item to a List Box

After an item is added to a list box, the new item is highlighted rather than the first item in the list.

List Box Field

A line under the title bar of list boxes indicates from which field the list box is being read.

Spell Check Hotkey

The hotkey combination Ctrl+S has been added to the right of the Spell Check option in the Office menu.

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