New Features TeleMagic V5 SP3


Activity Browse

The Activity Browse list will now start at the current day, rather than at the first activity on the list. If there are no activities for the current day, it will start on the next day that has an activity.

Calendar Layout

The two Activity Manager toolbars have been consolidated into one toolbar, and the tools used to configure the layout of your calendar have been moved. A new Layout selection has been added to the Activity menu.

Custom Activity Icons

A Customize Icons item has been added to the Activity menu. This feature allows you to customize the icons that are associated with each type of activity. You can have a different icon for every activity type that you add to the Type list box. Each icon must be 13×13 pixels and 16 colors. A radio button related to this feature has been added to System Preferences. If this is set to Global, the custom activity icons will appear on all users’ calendars. Adding and changing activity icons will be limited to supervisor users. If it is set to User, individual users will be able to configure their own custom activity icons.

Activity Duration

A drop-down list has been added to the Duration field in the Activity dialog box. You can use this to more easily enter activities with long durations. The duration will be displayed in the selected increment when you first add the activity, but stored internally in minutes. Once you have saved the activity, in the future the duration will be displayed in minutes.

Last Recurring Activity

The last Recurring Activity in a series now has a note in the description informing you that it is the last one in that set.

Reserved Resources

When adding an activity and checking availability, if a resource is reserved, the user ID of the user reserving it is displayed in the appropriate column.

Change Activity User

A new option for Change Activity User has been added to the Activity menu. This will enable you to change the user whose calendar you’re viewing by using the keyboard. This option is only available if the Activity Manager is open.

Navigating the Calendar Views

The four arrow buttons on the Activity Manager toolbar have been removed, and replaced with two new left and right arrows When clicked, these buttons will page through the month view one month at a time, the week view one week at a time, or the day view one day at a time. Support has also been added for the key combination Ctrl+Left Arrow and Ctrl+Right Arrow, which operate as the arrow buttons on the toolbar. Using the arrow keys by themselves operate as they did in previous versions, moving through the month, week, and day views one day at a time.

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