Solution Audit is the best and only way for Managed Care Organizations and Health Plans to access premium CRM expertise. Quality Integrity Healthcare Industry consultants and a Senior Systems Architect will spend 2 days onsite to determine:

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  1. Your current information workflow problems.
  2. Inconsistency in sales, marketing, underwriting, or claims management processes.
  3. Reports required to have a 360-degree view of your organization.
  4. Improvements necessary to increase your reps’ productivity and reduce related operational costs.
  5. Your current systems performance, deficiencies, and required optimizations.
  6. Integration readiness and streamlining recommendations.

you can look here Your decision makers will be introduced to the technology that eliminates discovered problems. Quality Integrity will give you a prototype of the system to reorganize and regulate your internal business processes. The reward is your HMO/PPO’s consistent and error-free data. You will also notice positive changes with sales processes, service quality, productivity, revenue, and membership growth.

comment faire des photos pour un site de rencontre With the knowledge and solutions you gain through the Solution Audit, you will also receive a site rencontre de jeune Road Map that includes:

  • Security guidelines
  • Prototype customized database
  • Workflow processes for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
  • Goals with measurable reporting requirements
  • Technical requirements
  • Data import strategy
  • Training plan
  • Investment summary
  • Back office integration review (Accounting, Claims, Underwriting and Rating systems, AS/400 or mainframe)
  • Schema with high-level data import mapping to preserve your existing data
  • Hardware compatibility check and detailed scoping
  • Complete rollout plan and recommendations
  • Blueprint Report with accurate costs, timelines, and responsibilities The deliverable of the Quality Integrity Design Audit is specific answers to your problems, not general information you already know. Quality Integrity is a unique alloy of consulting expertise and technical solutions: you will never be left with knowledge without results, or technology without justification. The cost of the Solution Audit is kept low so that your organization can make a quick decision without any impact on your budget. The value of the Solution Audit is outstanding and has not yet been topped. It is ideal if you want to correct previous failed attempts to resolve your problems, or do it right the first time with Quality Integrity. Due to the high demand it is recommended that you schedule  your Solution Audit now, call 800 611 4343.

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