SalesLogix is the best software in the next millennium

is SalesLogix?
SalesLogix is a revolutionary sales automation system that is
client/server based and scalable to fit your business needs today, tomorrow
and beyond.SalesLogix offers you contact management, account management,
opportunity management, reporting, web power and so much more.Your sales team will conduct business more effectively and close more
deals. With SalesLogix you get high-end sales force automation without
a high price. It is quick to implement, easy to use, maintain and customize.
Today is a great day to sell! SalesLogix makes it so easy!
can SalesLogix do for me?
You’ll wonder how you survived before SalesLogix!It’s the perfect tool to help you sell more, coordinate, strategize
and succeed. Whether you are a Salesperson, Sales Manager, IS Professional
or Executive, you will love what it does for your business.
I’m a Salesperson
I’m a Sales Manager
I’m an Executive
I’m an IS Professional
can I see the product?
You’ll need to see it to believe it!So you’re asking, ‘What is all this wild frenzy about SalesLogix?’
Well, it’s time to put a face to such a great name and reputation! Everyone
is anxious to see a product that can radically improve the way you sell
and how much you sell…Screen Shots – give you
a quick peek at the intuitive and easy to use SalesLogix interface.Executive Kit – packed with
information to help you decide if SalesLogix is what you want. Ideal
materials for presentation to your Boss or Co-workers.

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