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is Easy to Use

  • Familiar
    contact manager look and feel, but with enterprise-class power.
  • Navigation
    bar provides fast, easy access.
  • Everything
    accessible from one screen.
  • Pop-up
    pick lists for quick data entry.
  • Comprehensive
    online help.

SalesLogix is Easy to Use

SalesLogix Lead tracking and Opportunity Management

  • Manage a pipeline of opportunities from lead to close.
  • Automatically roll up forecast information.
  • Forward qualified leads to field salespeople.
  • Easily share information between sales teams.
  • Create multiple sales cycles with stages and track progress.
  • Track products, pricing, key contacts, activities and competition for every
  • Track lead sources for contacts and opportunities.
  • Trigger processes to automatically schedule activities and literature requests,
    print form letters and more

SalesLogix Lead tracking and Opportunity Management

SalesLogix Reporting

  • Automatically receive graphical reports generated with fresh data, including forecasts,
    lead status, account detail and more.
  • View built-in and custom reports, including forecasts, account status, activity, address
    books, labels and more. 
  • detailed reports with groups, sub-groups, arithmetic and custom graphs.
  • Automatically run reports and distribute outside of sales via email.
  • Access dynamic executive decision-support reports in a web browser on your
    Intranet and probe for further details at your option.

SalesLogix Reporting

SalesLogix Forecasting

SalesLogix Forecasting

SalesLogix Mobile Sales tools and Literature fulfillment

  • Schedule literature requests from the field, fulfill from the home office and
    receive confirmation that materials have been sent.
  • See additions and changes quickly and easily in a “What’s New” view.
  • Access key sales information, such as price lists and presentations, in the
    Sales Library.
  • Submit literature orders for fulfillment at the home office.Get hot leads and account updates with remote data synchronization.
  • Review all changes and updates after synchronization.Share calendars, contacts and tasks with PalmPilot™ and Windows® CE devices using Puma® Intellisync™.
  • Organize and manage marketing literature for easy access and selection.

SalesLogix Mobile Sales tools and Literature fulfillment

SalesLogix Processes

SalesLogix Processes

SalesLogix Customization and Control

  • Quickly build custom screens that automatically roll out to the remote salespeople.
  • Modify the out-of-the-box screens easily to suit your unique business needs.
  • Customize for data validation, pick lists and custom controls.
  • Create Guided Selling™ processes to automate sales methodologies or best
  • Secure customization from user-level modification.
  • Distribute updates automatically to remote users.
  • Create custom menus, tool and navigation bars.

SalesLogix Customization and Control

SalesLogix Administration

  • Centrally manage user settings, data security, database customizations and more.
  • Control all user, system and maintenance configuration from a single administrator
  • Realign territories on the fly.
  • Schedule system agents for maintenance processing during off-peak times.
  • Centrally manage files on remote computers and run any remote application automatically.
  • Replicate user security profiles for efficient creation.

SalesLogix Administration

SalesLogix Synchronization and Security

  • Subscribe to user-defined subsets of available data to minimize data transfer.
  • Ensure data consistency in all databases across your organization.
  • Connect and receive changes using a standard RAS connection and apply changes
    while offline.
  • Control changes applied with custom field-level conflict resolution rules.
  • Prevent unwanted access to data by record — managers can automatically
    access subordinates’ public data.
  • Share accounts, contacts and opportunities between users or teams.

SalesLogix Synchronization and Security

SalesLogix Relationship Management

  • See all support incidents from within SalesLogix and know the status of each.
  • Work as a team with your support team to never get blind-sided again.
  • Keep the support team informed of the strategic value of each customer.
  • Share contact information, such as name, address, phone and e-mail for accuracy
    and faster response times.

SalesLogix Relationship Management

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