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SalesLogix Sales

Increase productivity by automating key aspects of the selling cycle, maximize
team selling effectiveness with advanced sales tools, and make informed
decisions based on accurate visibility into the sales pipeline.

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SalesLogix Marketing

Identify and target the most profitable prospects, manage and track all aspects of campaigns in one place, and analyze campaign ROI to increase marketing efficiency.

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SalesLogix Support

Reduce the time and money it takes to support your customers, provide efficient and consistent resolutions to issues, and extend customer service through 24×7 self-service options.

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SalesLogix Web

Leverage the power of the Internet to increase sales productivity, gain valuable customer insight, and help customers help themselves — all with our web-based CRM solutions that deliver the same functionality, ease-of-use, and customization that are part of every SalesLogix component.

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What’s New in SalesLogix?

With new functionality and enhancements across the entire product suite,                                                                                             SalesLogix Version 6 provides even greater ease-of-use and flexibility.[what’s new in saleslogix?]


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SalesLogix Consultant

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SalesLogix Training

Connect to a world of e-learning solutions that make learning faster, easier, and more convenient. From complete certification solutions to individual training courses, SalesLogix delivers the training you need, when you need it. Live training from expert instructors. Engaging, self-paced courses that fit easily into your schedule. Real-world, hands-on labs.

For more information, please contact Education Sales at 416-253-5555

There are hundreds of CRM solutions, but there are only a handful of CRM solutions worth considering. Sales Logix is one of the most capable CRM products, good support, a large community, on premise and cloud deployments, stability, product maturity and flexibility enabling Sales Logix to be integrated into existing business processes.

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