SalesLogix Discount Support Program


SalesLogix Discount Support Program is designed to provide QI customers who use SalesLogix with best value at the lowest cost of ownership.

Best Software Authorized Resellers are restricted to publishing pricing discounts in the advertising and on this web site. We are also limited to displaying only Best Software sponsored SalesLogix discounts, promotions or specials. However, we have much latitude in setting actual prices. Contact us today to discuss your business needs and learn how we can provide you a competitive solution at the best value.

As the #1 Best Software reseller, QI can provide you substantial efficiencies and economies-of-scale benefiting you with a surprisingly low cost of ownership. To get our actual pricing customized to your business requirements, please fill out our Custom Value Price Quote form.

For more information call us at (416) 253-5555.

Many CRM solutions providers offer a CRM discount, CRM monthly discount, CRM discount coupons or CRM rebates when purchasing their CRM solution. CRM solutions are a long term, multi year, potentially a multi decade decision, selecting the best CRM solution for your business that will have the highest user acceptance, most customized and tailored workflow to your business processes and industry will greatly surpass any CRM vendor when factoring in employee training difficulties, cloud / hosted solution unavailability, or poorly configured a CRM solution.

Discount structure.

A discount structure is provided to all members of the SalesLogix Discount Support Program as long as an active status is maintained. At this point, no information can be published on this site. Please contact our office to obtain detailed information.

Product Support and Evaluations.

Access to a support representative is provided for all active SalesLogix Discount Support Program members. Full-working, not-for-resale product evaluations are included. Limit of one copy per version, per location.

Become a member.

To become a member of SalesLogix Discount Support Program, schedule your Design Audit by calling (416) 253-5555.

SalesLogix Price Lists.

SalesLogix Price Lists are subject to change without notice.


Executive Kit is

packed with information to help you decide if SalesLogix is what you want. Ideal materials for presentation to your Boss or Co-workers [Executive Kit]

Screen Shots

give you a quick peek at the intuitive and easy to use SalesLogix interface. [Screenshots]