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N-tier client/server plus web –
SalesLogix uses standards based leading technology.
It is easy to customize implement and maintain. It functions well with
thousands of users and millions of transactions. SalesLogix uses
Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle (direct, not ODBC connections) for maximum
throughput and performance. The web client is very flexible and uses DHTML
and server-side customization for zero client maintenance.
Rich & rapid customization –
SalesLogix Architect allows you to quickly
and easily create a customized solution for your needs. Customize existing
screens or create new ones using visual tools that offer standard windows
controls. For serious customization and integration, a full set of API’s
or COM interface controls are available. Once you have made your changes,
you can roll them out automatically to everyone or only selected teams
or remotes.
More control –
The Workgroup Administrator is one central console
– you can run the whole show from there! Manage security rights, synchronization
settings, realign/reassign activities, menu and toolbar options etc. Data
can be shared or prohibited between sales people or teams.
Robust data synch –
With SalesLogix, data synchronization is rapid,
reliable and flexible. You can synchronize at field level and configure
conflict resolution rules. Remote connectivity is supported via RAS, remote-networking
protocol, email and across the internet.



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