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Create a selling machine –
SalesLogix is designed to help you get and
keep more customers by building solid relationships with them. Since today’s
modern sales team consists of inside and field sales reps, business partners,
customer service/support people, and even accounting people, SalesLogix
is an integrated solution that gets people working together to meet your

The power & freedom of 

info –

Making the right decisions is easy when you have
the most current, relevant information. You get this info through SalesLogix‘s
enterprise-class reporting system. Graphical reports of your sales forecasts,
won/lost opportunities, prospects by lead source etc. are readily at your
fingertips, from your email or your intranet and standard web browser.
Reliable now and forever –
Whether you have ten or two thousand salespeople
and no matter how ambitious your growth plans, SalesLogix will suit
you perfectly. Choose the client/server solution or web-powered solution
or both! It’s flexible for meeting your needs. All your salespeople will
gladly switch to it since all their important data can be imported right
into SalesLogix from their old inferior systems!
Maximum revenue, minimum risk –
We understand your main focus should always be revenue
generation, not software design. With SalesLogix, you don’t need
to spend months planning and custom developing your sales automation system.
You can have SalesLogix up and running in a few weeks and customize
it over time. You get high-end sales force automation without a high price
or long, painful implementation. You can also be confident in your investment
in standard Microsoft and Oracle technologies.



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