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Keeps you in touch –
No more begging for reports! With SalesLogix,
all customer info is consolidated across your sales force and allows you
to receive up-to-date sales forecasts and reports automatically. Examine
opportunities, request data by region, lead source, industry, position
in pipeline etc. Historical data can help you calculate the odds of closing
new deals. You can see the data any way you want. It’s always nice to get
what you want!
Turn leads into sales –
Capture your leads through campaigns, trade shows
or even directly off the web. You can qualify them and then distribute
them to your team. All your leads are tracked through the entire sales
pipeline. Time-consuming tasks like literature requests, proposals, follow-up
letters etc are automated so your salespeople spend more time focusing
on customers. SalesLogix is truly a win-win solution for both your
sales and the customer.
Increase revenue by maximizing use of your back-office
Stock SalesLogix with your whole sales artillery
(products, substitutes, pricing, competition etc) and your sales team can
turn on-site quotes into sales. You can even tie in your accounting system
for greater sales efficiency and accuracy. Salespeople can access customer
financial details like invoices, credit status, past due balances etc.
The more info your salespeople have to use on the spot will increase their
chances of closing.
Start now, get results now –
With SalesLogix, you don’t need to spend months
planning and custom developing your sales automation system. You can have
up and running in a few weeks. Your salespeople can use the tools that
will benefit them right away, later you can make changes and add capabilities
as you go. Very practical, very clever, don’t you think?



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