A new computer story…

A new computer story…

Duane Morin

Working in a software store, we tend to see just about every incarnation of silly user stories that you could imagine.  Well, we decided that this one was our favourite:

A customer, a somewhat middle aged lady I'd suppose, has been browsing for awhile, picking up assorted packages, reading the backs, and putting them down.  I assume she's looking for a gift, so I figure when she sees something that tickles her fancy she'll ask me for my opinion or something, so I let her browse.  A little while later, she
brings a package 
or two up to the register.  'All set?' I ask, waiting to throw in a sales pitch or something about the games she's picked out.

‘I think so, yes.’ she answers.  ‘Now,
do you need a
computer to
work these?’


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