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See why millions of people are talking about ACT!, the best selling contact manager. Consistently praised by the media, businesses, and individual users, ACT! is the best way to make contacts, build relationships, and get results.

Purchase or upgrade to the new ACT! 2000 and discover new features, new flexibility, and new contact management tools. Price per user: $295 US dollars.

In Touch, All the Time

ACT!2000: Internet access, improved backup, direct fax abilities, and better synchronization to the company’s sales contact management program. The upgrade is being offered on Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 platforms.

Act is a personal database and calendar that helps salespeople keep track of the people and companies they contact. It is ideal for a single user, great for sales or anyone who has to manage contacts.

Among the new features in Act is integration with Internet e-mail (POP3/SMTP), as well as with Eudora Pro e-mail. Symantec is also partnering with Yahoo to offer Internet links, news, corporate information, driving directions, and directory searches.

Better integration with Symantec’s WinFax software lets users send faxes directly from contact records. A history log under each contact records whether faxes were sent successfully. Act!2000 is also integrated with the Corex business-card scanner.

With the accessory SideAct, users can jot quick notes and reminders, even without launching Act itself. An integrated, zipped backup utility can save data, reports, and layouts to floppy disks or a network.

Also, synchronization with the home database has been made easier. Users can log on via a shared folder in the network without forcing other simultaneous users to log off.

Allow us to illustrate: With ACT!, use keywords to search through entire databases, including notes and details. Flexibility allows you to filter your search using Sales/Opportunity tabs, Notes/History tabs, or Activities tabs. You’ll also be able to perform a lookup by empty or non-empty fields.

The bottom line? ACT! 2000 puts more profitable relationships and results  within your grasp.


ACT! is a registered trademark under exclusive license to Interact Commerce Corporation by its owner, Symantec Corporation, in the United States and other countries.
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