I want to Upgrade Sage CRM SalesLogix


If you use Sage CRM SalesLogix on a daily basis you will want to upgrade to the latest version because it includes:

  • Powerful Microsoft Outlook integration making it easier than ever to send and receive emails, and keep them, even schedule activities for non Sage CRM SalesLogix users.
  • Upgraded SQL Support creating more flexible screens with support for the latest external software and PDA’s.
  • Sage CRM SalesLogix lets you securely update your database using a web browser from anywhere in the world and do so much more for total e-commerce.

Preserve your data, reports, and training investment in Sage CRM SalesLogix.

Take the first step, buy your Sage CRM SalesLogix Upgrade Kit Today.
It is available only directly from CRM Success.

You are getting the most flexible, easy to use, all-inclusive solution for only $395 (for the Kit itself) plus reduced pricing per user. This is 50% off our regular price for the Upgrade Kit ($795)*


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* Valid until the end of this month. Call to find out about changes in pricing 1 800 611-4343