Sage CRM SalesLogix Integration: “I want to integrate Sage CRM SalesLogix with accounting or other software”

Looking for a better way to attract and retain clients? Perhaps it’s time to integrate your Accounting Financial System.


Understanding the necessity for a Customer Relationship Management System has never been more evident then in today’s highly competitive market. Not only knowing the customer’s name and address, but all of the communications that you have had with that potential or existing customer is vitally important in maintaining a strong customer relationship for continued sales. With CRM Success you will track everything from invoicing to sales preferences, all in one easy-to-access location. Attract Customers Forever™

Your people know if the customer spoke with shipping or accounting the day before, and how any issues were resolved, with detailed order screens, sales orders, invoices and much more.

  • Rapid Direct integration and bi-directional data transfer between your accounting system and Sage CRM SalesLogix.
  • Data Available Anytime gives you greater flexibility in managing business relationships and exchanging current information with remote users.
  • True Front to Back Office Integration Solution, Bi-Directional Data Transfer and Synchronization means end-users have a single point of entry leveraging your accounting system investment for better ROI.
  • Scalable: this ability gives you a unique platform to distribute customer information without requiring users to be in your accounting software application. Seamless Complete Customization written using the native tools.
  • Report with industry-leading, presentation-quality tools, built right in.

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