What Sage CRM SalesLogix can do for You

Sage CRM SalesLogix is a fully integrated customer relationship management suite encompassing Sales, Marketing, Support and assisted-selling components. Its superior functionality, end-user focused design, and “in-house” customization abilities provide a cost-effective CRM solution with greater user acceptance, quicker deployment, and rapid ROI while maintaining a strong focus on sales.


Sage CRM SalesLogix provides its users’ easy access to customer information and the ability to stay informed and manage their business contacts, accounts, and opportunities more effectively and efficiently. Organizations benefit from the affordable price, revenue-generating potential, and rapid ROI.

Sage CRM SalesLogix provides remote database connectivity and field-level
synchronization, enabling individuals in the field to quickly and easilyshare information with those at the home office. The company also hasfield-level security, giving sales people access to the information theyneed while ensuring the integrity of sensitive data. One can embed anorganization’s best sales and customer service practices and marketing
processes directly into the application. Imagine what it will do for you.

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