Sage CRM SalesLogix eDemo in 3 easy steps


CRM Success offers its users a unique opportunity to go through the 3 Step Interactive eDemo of Sage CRM SalesLogix:

Step 1: See online self-running Sage CRM SalesLogix presentation by clicking here >> Day in Life of Sage CRM SalesLogix user

Step 2: (required) Live diagnostic of your current system. We connect you to our secure servers and you will see your new system, review key differences, major enhancements, and most importantly, how this all relates to your specific needs.
More information can be found here >> Design Audit
Call to find out how to purchase a Design Audit: 1 800 611-4343

Step 3: Upon completion of required Step 2 you can request your free evaluation copy of Sage CRM SalesLogix

For more information call 1 800 611-4343 or complete this form.