Sage CRM Usability

Although software can be purchased anywhere, getting the maximum return on your Sage CRM investment requires streamlining workflow, which allows users to easily manage and use the software.

As a result, management receives accurate reports and the end users get a productivity tool they love.


What are your options:

We all came across systems requiring too many key strokes and manual work, however, with our implementation of shortcuts, one click multifunction
buttons and convenient field placements, we can reduce these inconveniences.

Many options are available, such as check boxes, list boxes, validation prompts and True or False options, all of which speed up the information flow. We believe you should never have to type anything twice.

Our one on one follow-up with users ensures that every user fully leverages the system’s features to make their life easier and more productive. This is the reason why our customers return to us in order to perform implementations to other divisions as well, until everyone enjoys the full benefits.