SAGE CRM is an enterprise-wide collaboration platform that makes it easy to control your sales processes and resources. With zero IT involvement, you can link all members of your sales team to the critical real-time sales information they need — anytime, anywhere.
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Sage CRM MME for Sales
Sage CRM MME for Marketing
Sage CRM MME for Customer Service

Sage CRM Quick Start Guide.
Sage CRM Features and Benefits:

You get instant access to vital customer data including reports and graphs, quotes, forecasts and historical account details. You can quickly do on-the-spot analysis and make informed decisions you can trust. And you can effectively manage, forecast and report out on all phases of your sales cycle.


  • Contact and account management
  • Time management
  • Opportunity management and sales forecast
  • Real-time sales management reporting
  • Summary dashboard
  • Team selling and workflow
  • Activity management
  • Customer care workflow
  • Service level agreements, escalations
  • Campaign management
  • Lead management
  • Key attribute profiling
  • Reporting.

   Enhanced Offline/Laptop Client

  • Benefit from a rewritten offline client, designed to be used with our CRM system when using an unconnected laptop
  • The Offline Client is easy to install: simply download the CRM Offline Client Installer and install the Offline Client on your laptop
  • Offline Client is compatible with all databases support by CRM

   A New Global Document Library

  • Utilize the new Global Document Library to make corporate documents more accessible to all users
  • Documents can be easily created and uploaded to the Global Document Library
  • Users can perform document merges for templates they have saved locally, or they can merge Global Templates
  • Access documents in the central library and send them as email attachments

   Quotes & Order Entry

  • Sage CRM adds a stand-alone quoting and order entry module, for customers who do not wish to integrate to their existing accounting system
  • Produce and save multiple quotes per opportunity, promote quotes within Sage CRM
  • View quote and order information in pre-defined templates

   Enhanced Outlook Integration

  • Continue to run your email, diaries and contacts through Outlook with auto-synch recording all interactions in CRM
  • All contacts, tasks, appointments, can be shared between diaries in both systems to allow this information to be used throughout the organization
  • View CRM entirely through Outlook, using CRM to enhance the quality and retention of information available to the user

   Product Line Information

  • Benefit from the upgraded Product Line Data Entry that allows for full pricing and product information to be held, changed and outputted within the Sage CRM system
  • View multi-currency pricing, region-specific pricing, units of measure, product families, all sales teams need to quote and invoice within the CRM system itself

   Online Help

  • Receive enhanced online help to provide a better user experience
  • Improved context sensitivity, easier navigation and an enhanced user interface
  • Increased useful hyperlinks to help you find the information you need, quickly

   Web Services

  • The enhanced Web Service API (application programming interface) enables developers to securely access and manipulate CRM records remotely with SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) over HTTP using XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  • It is possible to access a CRM server from another machine (typically another server) in order to read CRM data, add new data into the CRM system, and to update CRM records such as Companies, People, Opportunities, Cases or other exposed entities in the system

   Escalation and Notification Enhancements

  • All notification and escalation records will be stored on a dedicated Escalations Table. A new escalation service has been developed for polling to the Escalations Table
  • Separate notification intervals are to be set for each escalation rule
  • System Administrators will have the ability to specify the number of on-screen reminders that are to be displayed on a user’s screen at any one time

   Additional Features

  • Calendar Printing – Daily and Weekly options
  • Improved Date and Time Selection options
  • Revised Administrator Menu for easier feature access
  • New functionality to create Target Lists via the Find area of the system
  • Now supporting MAPI access for the Email Manager

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