Sage CRM Support Customer Relationship Management Software Training

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Sage CRM Support Customer Relationship Management Software Training

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Sage CRM


Get QIEM Professional Services for Sage CRM.
Yesterday, you lost a deal because you did not use the full power of Sage CRM. Whether you own it or host it, you will win more customers with the right support.

QIEM Professional Services for Sage CRM software gives you direct access to a dedicated senior systems architect, guiding you from the initial demo to volume licensing, customization, integration, reports and workflow definition, user acceptance, training and support. More...


Sage CRM is configurable, customizable hosted CRM  solution, which you can rent to own today.  Sage Integration Framework (SIF) is a new central connector for all existing SAGE products, with multipoint deep connections in real time. Download Sage CRM Quick Start Guide

Sage CRM MME Features
QIEM Sage CRM Executive Analysis
QIEM Sage CRM Executive Kit
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Sage CRM Price
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What Sage CRM software can do for me:

SAGE CRM is an enterprise-wide collaboration platform that makes it easy to control your sales processes and resources. With zero IT involvement, you can link all members of your sales team to the critical real-time sales information they need — anytime, anywhere... [more]

See Sage CRM Demo:          new!

Online self-running WebEx Sage CRM demo. Day in life 15 minute Sage CRM presentation... [more]

FREE Sage CRM Trial:

Sign up today for your free Sage CRM Mid-Market Edition (MME) 30 day trial... [more]

I want technical Sage CRM support:

Choose one of the following Priority Support Program options… [more]

I want to do Sage CRM planning:

QIEM Professional Services for Sage CRM delivers strategic systems planning and analysis to ensure your sales and marketing systems support your business strategy.  We can model your current and future processes, identify process inhibitors, and provide a migration plan to the future… [more]

I want more training:     

Training gives you the confidence and knowledge to make it happen. Classes are offered one-on-one or as group sessions worldwide. Learn at your own pace… [more]

What is Sage CRM price?        

We offer the best price for Sage CRM support and services. Check pricing for the complete solution. Request Quote, get the lowest cost of ownership quote... [more]

I need Sage CRM customization        

Our time-tested and methodical approach to customization reduces the number of revisions required, saving you time getting the system you want up and running... [more]

Sage CRM usability        

Although Sage CRM software can be purchased through different partners, getting the maximum return on your Sage CRM investment requires streamlining workflow, which allows users to easily manage and use the software... [more]

Sage CRM Executive Analysis          new!

Sage CRM Executive Analysis connects you with senior Sage CRM system architects. Custom Blueprint report is produced for your Sage CRM rollout, Executive Kit included… [more]

Sage CRM Executive Kit          new!

Sage CRM Executive Kit, a $99 value, contains all the information your Decision Makers need to execute Sage CRM project… [more]

About Sage CRM QIEM services         

QIEM Professional Services for Sage CRM is the leading management consulting and technology services organization focused on Sales, Marketing and Customer Service... [more]

QIEM Sage CRM partners         

Learn more about Partners Affiliate Program... [more]

Contact us:

 Please contact us for more information. You can call 1 800 611-4343 or submit a web request.


CRM Software

Today's web connected businesses are looking to CRM software for better anytime anywhere access and support. Upgrades for CRM software products is allowing better integration with email and PDA handheld devices. All the major software manufacturers are improving their mobile CRM capabilities.

Current best CRM solutions for medium to large business are Goldmine CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce CRM (web-based CRM). Sage Sugar CRM and Sage SalesLogix are great economy priced products too. Let us help you choose the CRM software solution that will work best for your company and application. Qiem is the right advisor for successful CRM solutions.

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