Sage CRM Customization

Every company is different, thus, your Sage CRM should be customized to your specific needs, because, let’s face it, few can use Sage CRM right out of the box.

Simplicity and powerful balance can be achieved with a clear vision. We believe our 20 years of experience customizing CRM databases will help you achieve that.


How it’s done:

Starting from end user, management, and integration requirements we create a comprehensive detailed blueprint with timelines, goals, responsibilities and exact pricing.

Our energetic team then transforms that into a living document and a Sage CRM software database design that integrates existing data feeds, imports and extraction requirements, thus giving management and the end user everything they need in one place.

Multiple touchpoints with checks and balances are typically established with single or bi-directional integration. Whenever possible, forward compatibility protocols and extension tables are respected.

Our time-tested and methodical approach to customization reduces the number of revisions required, saving you time getting the system you want up and running.

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