CRM for Managed Care

The business of Health Care is fraught with challenges, not the least of which is building market share for your health plan. You need to enhance your revenue stream and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Through market research, competitive analysis, knowledge management, marketing and sales campaign design, public relations, branding, and QIEM HMOZ you can meet or exceed your business goals.

You will be able to develop communications and marketing action plans that transmit your message and mission to your target audience, create trust and confidence in your plans/products and services, and strategically distinguish yourself in your market niche. The outcome of your campaigns will become more predictable.

QIEM HMOZ experts can help you to resolve your issues with low enrollment, low customer retention, and low productivity; lower your claims costs and expenses; and improve competitor tracking and ongoing relationships with brokers and agencies. Your sales and marketing will be more integrated with underwriting, and your IT will have complete and instant control over the system that lies beneath your Organizations/PPO success.

Your technical department will no longer be concerned with synchronization or integration difficulties, and will save time and money, which can then be applied where these resources are needed most. End users will be smarter with QIEM HMOZ, and less training will be required to bring everyone up to speed.

Your health plan executives will notice how QIEM HMOZ reduces paperwork, improves your internal communications and service quality, and minimizes financial losses related to inefficient sales and marketing processes. Management can attain greater vision through the powerful reports and forecasting tools.

Mergers and multiple offices will no longer be a factor that is slowing down the flow of your information. Your MCO’s representatives will be able to work remotely, armed with mobile devices, and their productivity and possession of information will be no different than if they were an internal sales force. Greater control and relationships with your brokerage will motivate this channel to quote you more and increase the number of subscribers.

The difference in your success before QIEM HMOZ and after will be noticed even by your competitors. With QIEM HMOZ you have a proven knowledge of your plans/products’ performance and you can easily strategize your quotes, renewals, and plan designs.

QIEM HMOZ benefits are based on the results of previous implementations. However, for many people it is still hard to realize such results can be achieved within their health plan organization as well. The Solution Audit phase will map out the road to your progress, and produce a clear Blueprint on what needs to be done first and what technology will turn it into a success.