Have your sales and marketing colleagues ever voiced a need for remote data synchronization or more frequent data synchronization? Now you know how to help them:

  • Subscribe to user-defined subsets of available data to minimize data transfer.
  • Ensure data consistency in all databases across your organization.
  • Connect and receive changes using a standard RAS connection and apply changes while offline.
  • Control changes applied with custom field-level conflict resolution rules.
  • Prevent unwanted access to data by setting record-level security. Managers may automatically access subordinates’ public data.
  • Share accounts, contacts, and opportunities between users or teams.

Both outside and inside reps can benefit from the instant and powerful synchronization capability built in QIEM HMOZ.


We all know paper-based systems are an inefficient way to track customer contacts, and they do nothing to enable communication with the sales representatives’ home-office colleagues.

Fortunately, mobile professionals now have wireless, Internet-ready devices, such as digital pagers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and cellular telephones. When coupled with QIEM HMOZ customer relationship management (CRM) applications (software packages designed as productivity tools for sales professionals), these go-anywhere tools can provide excellent opportunities for boosting sales, fostering communications, and enhancing customer service.

Wireless QIEM HMOZ software enables a mobile salesforce to access rich, easy-to-navigate, up-to-date customer information and other corporate data. Data, such as subscribers lists, member companies, broker and agency records, provider records, plan design information, sales library, reports, activities, and previous plan/census, is critical to a mobile sales worker. Applications that permit the sharing of information among inside and outside sales representatives, along with customer-service groups working with subscribers, can give Managed Care Organizations a significant competitive advantage by providing better service to their clients.

This is a big relief for multiple branch offices and mobile employees, who are plagued by lost meeting opportunities while on the road. Often, meetings with clients are canceled because of illness, unforeseen problems, or simple forgetfulness. Prior to implementing the QIEM HMOZ software, when meetings would fall through, sales reps would attempt to contact other clients in the area by consulting paper records or outdated software… Now they can plug in the ZIP code of a client’s location on an Internet-capable cellular telephone and instantly receive information on other customers in the same area. Pulling up the contact information presented on their cellular telephone display, they can then quickly place a call by selecting the dial feature from a menu.

Armed with multimedia laptops and the latest automation software, sales teams can have the most current information at their fingertips at the most critical point in the sales cycle — the point at which the prospects are ready to subscribe. Reps can create an initial quote in the field faster. More time can be spent discussing the customer’s business issues and building solutions than collecting data that has already been captured in previous interactions along the way. All this information can be stored in a single, central customer database. With reliable daily synchronization, anyone who needs that customer information or needs to check on sales progress can access the most current data and make timely, responsive management decisions. With Web browsers, it is instantaneous.


Make sure you are using the benefit of Outlook Synchronization, now silent and automatic with QIEM HMOZ. Synchronization now can run automatically and silently so you never have to think about clicking a button or running a program — it just happens! Plus, you also can sync contacts, calendar items, and tasks from Outlook to the PDA of your choice.

More information on synchronization capabilities of QIEM HMOZ can be obtained through the Solution Audit.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Solution Auditis better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.