The software system your sales and marketing reps are using is several years old. You have multiple databases, unmanageable Excel and Word documents, huge repositories of data, homegrown, unsupported programs, or forms and fields thrown together by someone else to meet short-term legislative requirements. Are you unable to produce meaningful reports with this system?

Should you replace it?

Is this system fault-tolerant, secure, fast, and powerful enough to make your Organizations/PPO more productive? If not, is it a good time to upgrade? Will this project succeed? Will it be self-funding? Will you get your ROI?

The roaring nineties with its enormous enterprise-software projects is over. But CRM software sales are picking up again, and many predict an even greater resurgence of spending next year. Where does this leave you?


Millennium fever had much to do with the glut of CRM spending that occurred during the boom. Lots of Organizations/PPOs were updating their software, which created an artificial spike in demand.

MCOs are still talking about CRM. However, now it is more realistic — it is an evolution, not a revolution. Health Plans have had to accept that the solutions to business problems involving customers are not easy, nor can they be solved with technology alone. Working solutions, like QIEM HMOZ, combine expertise, industry knowledge, best practices, technology, and six sigma methodology.

QIEM HMOZ solutions can be deployed in phases; after the first phase, the project becomes self-funding. The technology itself is easier to use and less expensive than most monster suites. The functionality is the same, but productivity is much higher. Modularity of deployments gives your organization more control on pace and direction of the project. Your new system will never be outdated by the time it is installed.

With QIEM HMOZ you get a better sense of how to assess value and return-on-investment for information technology initiatives. You do not have to rely on ROI calculations. QIEM HMOZ simply empowers management to do their job and do it right. More importantly, we encourage canceling projects that are failures. QIEM HMOZ offers 90-day project plans. Even if a project takes two years to accomplish, we review it every 90 days. If a manager kills off a project that is a failure, they get rewarded, not punished. In healthcare, MCOs could spend five years putting in a system that they know is a failure after the very first month, because they have the budget and do not want to be the one who “kills” the system after all that money has been spent.

How soon should you reconsider your old outdated software system? Whenever you are ready to boost your productivity, increase your profitability, and free your IT budget to spend it on what you need most.


Through the Solution Audit you can compare your old system to QIEM HMOZ and get a roadmap of where your MCO should head.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Solution Auditis better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.