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Microsoft Customer Relationship Management helps small and medium-sized businesses build profitable customer relationships. Integrated Sales and Customer Service modules enable employees to share information to improve sales success and deliver consistent, efficient customer service.

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Fact sheets & guides:
CRM Fact sheet for Sales
CRM Fact sheet for Cust. Service
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CRM Overview Fact sheet
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Microsoft CRM - What is the current name

Before Microsoft launched an official CRM solution, it was very common to refer to it as mscrm. The early versions were called Microsoft CRM and followed the year name branding. Now we are in the era of Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Dynamics CRM or Microsoft CRM 2011. Web CRM Microsoft or Microsoft CRM dynamics Cloud is also another way of thinking about the options available that Microsoft is Whatever the name was, is or will be, QIEM provides consulting for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

Microsoft Dynamics 4 CRM Software

Microsoft CRM 2011 is taking the CRM world by storm with a great product evolution, one that will make it easy for you to integrate CRM into your business operations. The usual Microsoft windows interface makes it easy to understand and learn. Your staff will find it comfortable and you'll find it productive. That's the winning combination you need.

To improve your businesses performance, you need accountable marketing, reliable lead follow-up, better internal communication, and a consistent efficient sales process that does more with fewer reps. Successful Sales Managers grow sales revenue, keep and attract better quality new customers, and use technology that works to get reps to sell more in less time.

Start your Microsoft Dynamics CRM project with a Design Audit to make sure you get it done right. Contact us Now.

Preparation for your CRM Integration

QualityIntegrity invented the Design Audit and is the only company with Proactive Support that neutrally balances Management, Sales Reps and IT needs. We obtain sales rep buy in early, plus design, implement, and train the right way to achieve 97% sales rep adoption.

You will gain a holistic view with dashboards to see what reps are doing, to coach and improve call activity and get accurate actionable reports to improve close rates. You will see current sales trends, forecasts and results to give you insight into the future. You will capture competitive business intelligence and regain control of your customer and prospect data. You will be able to make decisions with confidence to grow, profit and earn more.

No More Lost Sales - What's Your Objections?

Losing sales is painful both financially and emotionally “I don’t have time for technology” - Done right technology helps your reps sell more in less time, You will be more effective so you can manage using less time “I don’t need new technology, I'm ok with status quo” - Your more successful competitors have it, and continuously improve sales and marketing processes “I don’t want to invest in sales technology” - Choose to invest in the only part of your company that brings in revenue - Sales In your situation you could just buy from a software or on demand CRM pusher, but choosing the wrong one from over 2000 options out there and having to switch latter are the largest mistakes we see people make.

The wasted time and opportunities are irreplaceable, not to mention the money we can save you to get the best price regardless of whether a hosted or on premise solution is right. Technology costs range from $10 per sales rep to over $1,000 so applying our 22 years of QualityIntegrity Experience Method, QIEM will make all the difference. You know sales costs are increasing. Sales Reps are becoming more demanding... "these are my contacts not yours, my shoebox", "pay me more", "if you don't like it fire me"... Having seperate data silos like contact management, outlook, call reporting, opportunity tracking, quoting, forecasting, accounting, customer service and marketing systems is costly.

Let us share with you 3 things we have learned from our most successful customer, Warren Buffet. + He buys solid businesses + Before investing he Measures Everything & Calculates ROI and TCO with a Design Audit that leverages his business expertise and our technical expertise to produce a practical road map to increase sales. + Working together we increased his sales rep productivity and profit by 17% for 3 years straight.

If you want to Sell More and Manage Better, request your copy of our new sales management technology report to help you do it right. QualityIntegrity pulls the key information reps need, from data silos into one easy to use system.

QualityIntegrity's unique design, sales process, and keep warm strategies will often double close rates in less than 3 years. QualityIntegrity systems consistently reduce sales administrative time and increase high value selling time by one third, lifting productivity and profit. Here is what customers like you are saying. “We required an effective method of tracking client information to manage various aspects of our business.

The Design Audit planned exactly what we needed to do: to ensure regular territory coverage based on account size, report on compliance of sales reps keeping regular contact with key customers, having one centralized communication point for documents, contracts and notes, and drive account specific corporate strategy to strengthen long-term relationships. “We found the Design Audit to be a critical factor in the success of the project. This process forced us to go back to basics, map out our workflow, and identify where and how CRM could effectively support the business needs. Your plan to include reps from all functions and levels of the organization in these discussions, and your expert facilitation skills, elicited ideas and enhancements that we had not even considered.”

“The QualityIntegrity team, through their Design Audit process, expert assistance and technical expertise, were able to work with us and redesign our CRM for a more functional system. From planning, implementation, and training, QualityIntegrity has been with us from start to finish.” What would it cost, if you went to one of the Big 4 Auditing or Consulting firms that charge hundreds of thousands for Fat Reports that often just sit there. If you try new marketing what will it cost you? If you try new sales reps what will it cost you? If you do it yourself, how much will trial and error cost you?

Your Next Step: The QualityIntegrity Design Audit is the next logical step because you need a plan. QualityIntegrity combines your business knowledge with our technical know-how to optimize and create a clear Road Map. You will experience a live diagnostic of your current system, and a review of ongoing issues and improvements required. To save your time, we suggest you include all major business unit stakeholders with a wish list of needs, problems, and major goals. We will connect you to our secure servers so you can see and compare new systems, review key differences, major enhancements, and most importantly how this all relates to your specific requirements.

Your Road Map includes: technical requirements, data import strategy, accounting and backend integration review, training plan, security guidelines, investment summary, timelines and recommended steps. Using a 3rd party like us, paid for performance to improve sales processes and applying best practices will help you manage more in less time and get clarity with the right report insights. You will take away a clear understanding of what it will do, and how it will satisfy your business requirements. This Method adds considerable depth and experience to the planning and design of your new system. This is the only way to do it right the first time or correct previous failed attempts. Due to current demand you need to schedule your Design Audit in advance.

Sales and customer service features include leads, accounts and opportunity management, a complete view of customer history, automated incident management, and a searchable knowledgebase.

Microsoft CRM software also includes reporting tools for accurate forecasting and measurement of business activity and employee performance. Built using Microsoft .Net technologies, MS CRM is easy to deploy, customize, and use, accessible from Microsoft Outlook and the Web, integrates with other businesses applications and scales as your business grows.


QIEM is a long-term certified Microsoft Partner. We do not just sell software, and leave our customers helpless with their purchase. Instead, QIEM will find you a perfect solution that fits the unique requirements of your business and will provide support and training for your employees. We recommend you go through a Design Audit with us first. Complete this form to find out more.


QIEM CRM consultants provide services related to customer relationship management for medium and large business success. We provide technology and business audits, reinstall software properly, and follow up with CRM software training & support. Once we've identified the right CRM solution for your company, we can present the right solution for your medium or large business use. Discover CRM solutions that will help your company optimize your contact and sales management tasks, to make your sales reps and customer service team more effective. CRM software such as the much admired Goldmine CRM solution is a great mid-market to enterprise CRM solution. Microsoft CRM and Salesforce CRM solutions are worth taking a look at. Let us help you choose the CRM software solution that will work best for your company and application. Qiem is the right advisor for successful CRM solutions.

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