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click here for more This is Molson’s secret that created a powerful giant in the beer market.

mann УМber facebook kennenlernen Molson Inc preeminent brewer was founded in 1786 by John Molson. Now with 3,800 employees and seven breweries across the country, Molson is the oldest major beer brand in North America.

dating cowboys online Selling beer in a highly competitive market takes a lot of resources and ingenuity. Inside and outside reps track detailed information about all venues including bars, nightclubs and special licensed events, and know which and how many promotional items they need to supply to increase their sales in this environment. Molson is a passionate supporter of sports and cultural events. Behind the scenes this requires careful planning, supplying the event with promo items, hats, T-shirts, posters and billboards. But how do you know how much preparation you have to do for a particular event in a particular location? Can you forecast this using your past experience? How do you manage contacts and keep everybody informed? Molson decided to automate their promotional campaigns using CRM Success. After a preliminary diagnosis and Design Audit, Molson continued through the 7-step Method.

CRM Success spent 3 weeks to install and customize a 35-user solution. Molson also purchased 50 hours of our premium technical support. CRM Success senior architect interviewed Molson managers on several levels to find out what their daily routine is and what optimizations need to be done in order to maximize the effectiveness of their work.

As a result, Molson now has centralized information and business intelligence, which they apply to get more value for their dollar. The benefits of reporting, forecasting and end-tracking showed up very quickly: the volume of the top 20% customers (looked after by the outside reps) has increased significantly in past 5 years, while the bottom 80% are maintained at lower cost by the inside reps.

Powerful Management Reports give Molson everything including: time tracking, sales, call reports, marketing reports, campaign effectiveness, customer service and forecasting reports. Automatic prioritizing helps Molson penetrate the market, respond quickly to hot leads by deploying smarter strategies. Automated Relationship Marketing produced a very strong customer base for Molson improving the quality and quantity of contacts, growing their profit.

They were delighted with our innovative way of getting them more qualified leads, that is only available only to CRM Success clients. We then were asked to implement it in other offices coast to coast.

The combination of these things with CRM Success allowed Molson to gain over 50% market share in highly competitive market. Outstanding profit was created, Attracting Customers Forever.

molson   “This is not an extraordinary case, similar success can happen to anyone”, says CRM Success CEO, “7 step Method is a very powerful and tested with 15 years of experience strategy that we use to help our customers to increase their sales, enhance their customer service and maximize profit”. You don’t have to sell beer to be successful. Call 1 800 611-4343 to find out how CRM Success can increase your sales and boost your marketing.

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