Mining CRM: The Productivity Enabler

The mining industry is all about productivity. Not just productivity in terms of drilling and extraction, but productivity in all activities. More information leads to greater productivity and greater productivity means doing the same thing in less time and at a reduced cost. Time and cost savings increase profit margins, enabling your company to do more with less.

One of the simplest yet most effective ways companies all over the world are increasing their productivity is through CRM—customer relationship management. More and more companies are becoming tech savvy by integrating CRM software into their business, which provides them unprecedented market intelligence that allows them to better meet the needs of their clients. So why don’t more mining companies use CRM?

A powerful CRM system can change a mining company’s entire operation. No longer will your customer service efforts be hampered by lost information. A fluid CRM system means that your clients’ information can be accessed in the lab, office, production facility or even on-site, ensuring that each part of your operation gets the information it needs when it needs it. With CRM software you can do this faster and easier. Straight from the lab or office to the most remote locations and vice-versa, CRM is what keeps you agile in a competitive market.

Let’s face it: mineral exploration and extraction is a time consuming, expensive and often thankless business. It’s often done in remote parts of the world, where communication and information is less than optimal. Because so much work is done in the field, mining companies often neglect their information management system. But neglecting your management system can be very costly. How will you track your relationships with clients? How will you manage risk operations? How will you monitor health and safety issues in such a high risk field? What about permit applications? Where will they be stored and how will they be accessed? CRM has the answers to all these questions and more.

CRM removes information asymmetries about a clients, government and regulators. This information is captured in fine detail, enabling quick access to important information about all previous and ongoing relationships.

One of the biggest challenges mining companies face is how to manage risks. Every day mining operations are threatened by worker injuries, production delays and environmental hazards. With CRM in place, all these factors can be managed, from the monitoring and reporting of risk and safety to the incidence of environmental exposure. Proper management of operational risks means that liability, costs and further delays can be dramatically decreased.

CRM can also ensure that companies meet Safety, Environmental and Community Affairs (SECA) standards, especially around worker health and well-being. Mining CRM allows companies to monitor and report on the risks and hazards of a worksite, thus avoiding worker injury and further liability.

With CRM, tracking and monitoring permit applications has never been easier. The entire process becomes automated, allowing companies to manage their applications and permit activities in sequence.

When we say CRM can truly change your business, we mean just that. Improved productivity. Better market intelligence. Greater organization. Better risk management. Less exposure to liability. Better solutions. All of these and more are possible with CRM.