Mining CRM: The Ready-Made Solution for the Mining Industry

Today’s mining industry faces many operational challenges, not to mention production declines, fluctuating global demand and cyclical prices, all of which threaten the operational success of on-site operations. At the same time, managing customer relations, human resources and workflows are becoming increasingly central to overall business success. Companies that don’t invest in strategies that address these challenges will not be in business for much longer. In today’s digital economy, integrating advanced technology is synonymous with improving one’s business. In the mining industry this means adopting automated workflow systems that enable consistency across the entire range of operations.

Mining companies that supply equipment or provide drilling services, support services and geophysical services can greatly enhance their business through workflow automation. The best way to accomplish this is through CRM, or customer relationship management, which goes above and beyond what the name implies. Not only does CRM enable a corporation to manage its customers, it enables the full-scale management of the enterprise, from on-site exploration and drilling to back-office support. Through CRM companies can customize workflows for case management and escalation, as well as automate routine processes already in place.

Unfortunately, many mining companies today have not integrated management systems; on-site workflows are not linked to business applications, which mean no enterprise-level solution covering sales, marketing and production exists. Given the external challenges affecting profitability in today’s economy, the last thing a company needs is internal asymmetry. Failure to implement an enterprise-level solution that links the entire business to centralized databases and processes harms a company’s overall productivity, business intelligence and, ultimately, sales. For the mining sector these challenges can have harsher consequences when you factor equipment malfunctions, worker injuries and communication challenges many companies face on-site. Mining CRM is a ready-made solution to tackling these challenges.

By opening up the communication channels and centralizing the company’s information hub, CRM enables the marketing and sales side of a mining operation to route business leads and reach out to clients. On the operations side, CRM enables on-site managers to track performance, identify and address equipment failure and reduce overall costs. All of these features give the mining enterprise the power of agility, quick response time and business intelligence needed to perform in the global marketplace.

Whether simple or complex, CRM makes every task functional and easy to use. As the popularity of mining CRM continues to grow, additional features and applications are sure to grow with it, which will enable further innovation, productivity and, above all, cost savings. Cloud-based CRM functionality is already being applied to mining; with it comes great promise of scalability and on-demand service, all hosted in a virtual environment, free of infrastructure costs.

Mining industry CRM is more than just centralizing all your business contacts. It enables fluidity across the entire enterprise, linking the business side with on-site operations, all while increasing productivity and output. By integrating mining CRM, corporations can facilitate collaboration, develop everlasting business relationships and improve responsiveness to the needs of a diverse client base. If leveraging the best technology is the key to enterprise success in our current economic environment, then CRM should be at the top of every list.