Dig Deeper with CRM

Mineral exploration is a tough business. Whether risk management, health and safety, permit-seeking or other regulatory bottlenecks, mining companies face many challenges. Being forced out into remote regions for long periods with millions of dollars worth of equipment can be a daunting task, not to mention the human resource management that can make or break any mining operation. In this day and age, mining companies have to be agile and open to technology if they are to succeed. Technology drives productivity and productivity in mining is everything. It’s what separates a strong mining operation from a weaker one and ultimately determines who is profitable and who goes under. In fact, how a mining corp manages its risks, its people and its communications with head offices can determine whether it succeeds or fails. But with every challenge comes an opportunity. Companies that can withstand the elements and manage their business effectively can reap the rewards of a very lucrative industry. This is where CRM can help.

CRM, or customer relationship management, is more than the name implies. Not only does a CRM system enable a company to stay atop of its business relationships, be they with clients or regulators, it enables the full-scale management of a mining corporation’s risks, human resources and legal information. Hiring a CRM consulting team to fully integrate the CRM system with on-site operations could very well be the best investment a mining executive can make. CRM consultants can develop custom workflows for case management and escalation, as well as integrate applications that record equipment defaults and warnings, which are routed to the appropriate service center or technician for quick repair.

One of the biggest investments a mining operation makes is in its equipment; without it, excavation efforts are meaningless. Doesn’t equipment deserve to be properly managed throughout its lifecycle? Would this not optimize the equipment’s performance? CRM is a small investment when you look at the big picture: healthy and functional machinery cannot be compromised when out in the field.

The strength of CRM lies in its ability to automate the management system that is vital to a mining operation. From managing the lifecycle of machinery and equipment to detecting and resolving equipment malfunctions, CRM makes the job easier every step away. The entire lifecycle of the equipment is accessible through the CRM system on-demand through an easy-to-use self-service portal. All this amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings annually per machine and all you had to do was invest in a system that looks after your biggest asset: your machinery.

By integrating CRM, mining corporations can enjoy the digital advantage that their predecessors could only dream of. Take advantage of the mobile capabilities CRM offers, which allows employees to access the full system through their smart phones. Reduce costs even further by harnessing cloud-based CRM, which hosts all of your management applications and services in a delocalized, scalable environment with minimal infrastructure costs. Whatever road a mining company embarks upon, CRM can ensure that the ride is smooth. The power of advanced technology can transform capabilities and organize operations across vast distances and time zones. For the mining industry, nothing is as timely. Integrate CRM and help your company dig deeper to achieve the productivity gains you’ve always envisioned.