Microsoft CRM Support. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Review

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Microsoft CRM Support - Microsoft Dynamics 3 CRM Software Review

Microsoft CRM system and training or assisting other users? At Quality Integrity we can help you answer these and many other questions that are often on our clients' minds when they are seeking CRM support whether Microsoft CRM support or other CRM software packages.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft CRM in general, we offer corporate-wide support and build a personalized service relationship focused on your Microsoft CRM solution. You will never need to hire a middle person in order to contact us, set up appointments with technical support representatives, or simply try to call through, we value your time and make sure you can contact your favorite support specialist directly or even better - let them contact you instead.

Rather than bombarding you with generalized, thousand-page manuals and other training materials you likely don't have the time to read, Quality Integrity provides immediate and live support specific to any edition of Microsoft CRM your company uses. Another bonus: regardless of the price you paid for your Microsoft CRM system, Quality Integrity offers an unlimited amount of support CRM, in time blocks that never expire and can be used anytime at your convenience. Furthermore, you are not limited to the support you can receive, nor does it include potentially useless features like chat rooms and news groups, as with limited MLM-like, expensive support plans, some companies implement. You have access to in-person, online and telephone support for your problems and CRM incidents; the option to use chat rooms and news groups is left up to you and is not made mandatory as part of a support plan.

If your business is unable to dedicate resources or personnel to maintain and support you current CRM solution, whether it is Microsoft CRM or another CRM system. We can help you find a more effective CRM solution that takes care of your business needs without the extra expenses from features you are unlikely to use. If the problem lies with finding a knowledgeable CRM system user and administrator, then Quality Integrity can once again come to the rescue with our qualified CRM specialists who can train each individual user or the administrator responsible for Microsoft CRM within your company.

Quality Integrity Microsoft CRM support generally includes the following (yet support is always customized to your unique needs):

  • Review of your business, related systems, your needs and solutions to make your job easier in a detailed report (Design Audit).
  • Unlimited guaranteed response time to support requests by telephone and Web.
  • Time efficient support (you do not have to pay for fast response time, it is an integral part of Quality Integrity support) - approximately an hour to 1 hour is needed to ensure SQL Server backups and maintenance jobs are executing properly and 1-2 hours a week to make changes to the system and train users.
  • Expanded Microsoft CRM training programs, support calls, anytime access to technical and support portal and knowledge base, hands-on product upgrades, scheduled maintenance, technical difficulties resolution, custom scripting, reports, troubleshooting your Microsoft CRM and ability to acquire additional software, user licenses and services.
  • Integration of Microsoft CRM with Exchange and SQL servers, SharePoint, Microsoft Office and Outlook.
  • Support is offered for groups and personalized to users in one-on-one Microsoft Dynamics CRM support.
  • Unlimited support packages and investment protection- your support blocks never expires after 1,2, 3 or x year terms. You use the hours when you need them.

Maintenance Includes:

  1. Server Maintenance - regular ongoing backing up of CRM databases and optimization of the database indexes.
  2. Business process enhancement - changing Microsoft CRM to reflect changes in your business (eg. Adding new values to drop-down fields, adding new fields to forms, changing fields to required, updating sales rep quotas, adding new reps and creating Excel reports.)
  3. Overall Enhancements and Upgrades - Receive all major releases, minor updates, and tax updates for the product you currently own. Upgrades, new reporting features, integration with third party solutions, ERP, financial systems, Outlook contact import, rollout to the entire company for sales, marketing, customer service and mobile CRM, ACT data migration, imports, etc.

Contact us:

Currently quality Integrity provides Microsoft CRM support and training in Toronto and the GTA, Mississauga, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Oakville, Hamilton, London, Kitchener, Barrie, York, Markham, Oshawa, as well as the U.S. cities such as New York, Miami, Dallas, Scottsdale, etc. For the complete list of locations email or call Quality Integrity at 1 800 611-4343or submit a web request.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The latest Microsoft CRM solution (Microsoft Dynamics 3.0) is a powerful business-management software application that can empower your company's workforce and sales people by providing easy access to information where and when your employees need it. When integrated with Microsoft applications, the Version 3 Microsoft Dynamic CRM product equips your organization with a complete view of customer information, thus enhancing your business management capabilities. CRM is integrated into the Microsoft Office System, to allow for rapid implementation, customization, and maintenance. Microsoft Dynamics 3.0 offers native Outlook email or web interface for managing sales, service, & marketing processes. You'll access advanced reporting & analysis tools including Excel/SQL reporting, an innovative and intuitive business design, and there is simple deployment and management tools for IT professionals. Microsoft Dynamics CRM could be the best decision for your firm. Call on QIEM for your Microsoft CRM Training and for Microsoft CRM upgrades.

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