Accurately Costing your Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft crm pricing On Demand is 44 USD per user per month On premise is under 999 USD per user and 2,995 to 9,995 USD for the workgroup crm server. Microsoft dynamics crm pricing varies based on number of users and CALs and external connectors required. Microsoft dynamics crm price is typically pays for itself and creates positive ROI in 4 months. Microsoft crm price / crm cost is low compared to similar solutions to build market share. So the cost for Microsoft crm starts at just 440 USD per month for 10 users on demand, online, hosted or purchase on premise Microsoft crm costs 2,000 per user for top of the line fully loaded. MS crm pricing dynamics crm pricing is low compared to most other options. Total Cost of Microsoft dynamics crm is not just the software or subscription but should include a equal amount for services to design implement and train your people on it.

10 Seat 5 year Simplified

  • Microsoft On Demand Price 26,000 USD
  • Microsoft CRM Price On Premise 19,994 USD
  • Microsoft CRM Typical Implementation Services 16,600 USD

CRM Project typical timeframe: 2 weeks to 4 months.

Microsoft CRM on demand hosted vs on premise

  • Integration to other ERP, accounting or business systems is easier on premise.
  • Configuration time is similar but Deployment time is longer with CRM on premise
  • CRM Training time is normally more with crm ondemand online vs on premise
  • Backup your data regardless of whether you choose crm on premise or on demand

Hopefully now you know the key differences between Microsoft CRM options, because switching crm always costs. You could talk to a CRM expert to help make the choice because there are so many other factors that should influence your CRM choice.

Microsoft CRM pricing does not include the total CRM cost because CRM is often more a business strategy than a software purchase. CRM services outsourced or in sourced are 2 times the cost of Microsoft CRM list price over 5 years and mostly paid up front at the beginning of the project when all the implementation work is done. To help their CRM market share recently publishers have been offering deep discounts on first year crm prices to close deals, knowing in most cases when you start using it you will be hooked. Now to find out why look at CRM success ROI numbers anywhere from 3 times your total money investment or more in the first year alone.

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