Every time IT proposes any improvements to the current system, some resistance is expressed by the end users. It takes your sales and marketing reps time to get familiar with the proposed novelties, and management is not always willing to spend money on constant rep training.

So, if you are sure that the new system will improve your reps’ performance and productivity, how do you convince everybody that it is worth it to re-train your end users? How can you guarantee that training will not take forever? How can you control sales and marketing reps’ learning curve?

Now, there is a practical tool to help new and experienced sales reps take advantage of the opportunities presented by managed care. QIEM HMOZ will help you:

  • INCREASE sales for your plans/products
  • USE managed care formulary policies to generate and close pull-through sales for your products
  • CONNECT with member companies in a way that lets them know you understand their challenges
  • AVOID mistakes than can alienate subscribers
  • TRAIN new sales reps quickly and economically
  • BUILD confidence in your sales force, and increase retention of successful reps


The managed care delivery system, that everyone has watched mature over the last 10 years or so, has caused both sales representatives and sales trainers alike a lot of consternation. Sales trainers face as big a change as sales representatives do in adjusting to the ever-evolving dynamics of this volatile market.

The demands on sales representatives are always impacted by market dynamics. The role of training is crucial in providing the support needed to micro-manage a sales territory. Information here is key. Strong knowledge of the customer base, brokerage, physician profiling, and plans/products is critical to successful training, as well as to successful territory management.

The managed care industry is built on data. As a matter of fact, there is more information within most Health Plans than they can use. This data overload is the result of the very systems process that is used to manage enrollment, medical risk, and many other disciplines within a plan. Prescription use is analyzed with the same intensity, and knowledge of the market and prescribing habits are tabulated for all providing physicians. A sales representative that does not realize this is out in the cold. Training that provides ways of understanding all of this market data is crucial.

The QIEM HMOZ report states that over half of sales training time is directed toward developing broad skills, in particular, product knowledge and selling tactics.

  1. Sales training managers often do not have enough time or resources to tailor programs for learning about specific customer groups and selling environments.
  2. Representatives must therefore find other means for understanding the specifics of their selected markets.
  3. In addition, QIEM HMOZ found that 75 percent of survey responders thought their company’s sales training had room for improvement. Eleven percent said they would prefer less product training.

The QIEM HMOZ survey estimates that sales training departments spend only 13 percent of their time training experienced representatives versus 55 percent for new representatives.

As valued information providers who must maintain credibility with member companies, representatives must keep current with competitive literature and effectively communicate evidence-based data to the customers. QIEM HMOZ found 11 percent of statements by representatives about plans contradicted established data.

Information is of little use if it remains trapped in vertical silos. To offer the most value, it must be integrated, sifted, and assessed with data from other sources — quickly and accurately. Many executives remember the cumbersome methods of previous eras, when staffers had to sort through stacks of paper trying to find statistics to support ad campaigns or to make sales projections. Pervasive computing can change all that, but only with pragmatic investments in information. Today, with a few clicks of a mouse, the well-equipped MCO can view sales results by region, sales rep, broker, provider, member, or compare the effect of advertising campaigns against predictions. But these analytical tools are only the foundation for more powerful capabilities, such as proactively influencing the public and group purchasing organizations through smart marketing strategies.

QIEM HMOZ helps sales and marketing representatives answer questions about membership, plan design, and available products. It is Windows-based, making it easy to train new reps. The data and applications, however, will work on any operating system, providing the ability to adapt to future technology. The system allows service reps to track members’ calls and record them in the QIEM HMOZ system effectively, which streamlines internal processes between member services and other departments.

Professional instructors, outside sales representatives, and training support staff share a “rules-based” view of the same data. QIEM HMOZ incorporates views defined by user privileges and extensive management reporting capabilities. You have no idea how much time this saves our customers.

Glowing feedback continues to pour in from our clients, especially from their field reps. Comments such as “best training in 20 years” have led to additional projects. These clients have enlisted us for further services such as developing new materials for future planned phases, revising existing modules, deploying systems for other branches and offices, and introducing additional functionality (including reporting and tracking services).


The intelligence and automation built into the QIEM HMOZ system reduce the time needed to train customer service reps and the number of steps needed to complete a customer interaction.

See for yourself through the Solution Audit that QIEM HMOZ users do not require long training sessions.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Solution Audit is better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.