Once you have made a commitment to the new system, how long do you expect the implementation phase to last? What amount of customization, integration, and additional development are you willing to do internally? With QIEM HMOZ all these concerns vanish.

QIEM HMOZ is available to those who need a system designed for Organizations/PPOs sales and marketing reps. It lets you finish your development tasks faster and at a lower cost. It provides wizards and utilities to solve housekeeping issues, including concurrency, user interface, security controls, data handling, and more. With these issues handled by QIEM HMOZ, your developers are free to customize the application, saving you development time and money.


QIEM HMOZ was designed and built with one objective — provide the best performing, most reliable, scalable, configurable, and secure sales automation system for healthcare payers. The software uses worry-free security to assure administrators and users that data is secure and never compromised. The robust modular architecture of the product can be attributed to the years of design experience that went into building this state-of-the-art client/server, Web-enabled sales automation solution.

QIEM HMOZ is extremely easy to use, administer, and maintain. QIEM HMOZ engineers developed this unprecedented ease-of-use in the product with “behind the scenes” use of enterprise strength security, administration, and customization technology.

QIEM HMOZ is built with the most advanced Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool in the market. When applications are built with this tool, the development time is significantly reduced. The RAD tool enables QIEM HMOZ engineers to respond rapidly to changing customer needs and demands.

At the heart of QIEM HMOZ, lies proven Microsoft recommended building blocks. QIEM HMOZ is fully Microsoft® BackOffice™ compatible. The QIEM HMOZ user interfaces are consistent with technologies currently used by Microsoft in its popular suite of office applications.

The COM interface layer within the QIEM HMOZ application provides dynamic access to the QIEM HMOZ database, features, and functions from external applications. The Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) feature is one such application that takes advantage of QIEM HMOZ through this COM interface. Several other applications that require such dynamic interaction ability can use the COM interface to QIEM HMOZ.

At the core of QIEM HMOZ, is a powerful object-oriented system that uses a universal database engine to provide high performance and throughput connections to leading databases such as Microsoft® SQL Server™ and Oracle™. The same client/server technology is used whether users are working from their desktops with a local database, or if they are working on their laptops at a remote location. HMOZ also uses a highly efficient database schema that can be easily altered or extended to meet the needs of the user and allows rapid query response.

QIEM HMOZ database architecture is designed to be scalable, flexible, and highly configurable. Addition and deletion of tables and fields is supported. Database access queries are optimized for the database in use, and intelligent choices are made during program execution, resulting in maximum speed and performance.

QIEM HMOZ uses the universal database engine to handle all its communications with databases. This powerful engine has high performance connections to the in-use database, to provide maximum efficiency and throughput. QIEM HMOZ supports Microsoft SQL Server™ and Oracle™ databases.


With HMOZ, your development time is reduced to the minimum. Once your development team gets up to speed using QIEM HMOZ, it will find it can reduce development time by 90 percent or more. For some functions, QIEM HMOZ could reduce development time by a factor of 10. You can obtain more information through the Solution Audit phase.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Solution Auditis better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.