Every sailor knows how vital weather forecasts are, and every Health Plan is aware of how beneficial comprehensive internal management reports can be.

Major reports management is looking for:

a. Account Reports
b. Profit Reports
c. Budget Reports
d. Productivity Reports

Lack of reports or incomprehensive reports leave your management blind and slow in comparison with your competition. In the heavy Organizations traffic we experience nowadays, this situation is dangerous.


It is quite difficult to estimate what part of total Organizations losses is contributed by the lack of reports, because when a Health Plan improves their reporting tools, everything is triggered to lead to numerous improvements and growth.

Does your organization take advantage of the following reports?

  • Sales Activities for the Month by General Agency, Agency, Broker, and Account Executive
  • Monthly Closing Ratio
  • Users Activities Report
  • Competitors Report
  • Quoting trends, Most and Least Quoted Products
  • Sales Trends Report
  • Renewal Summary
  • Tier Placement Trends
  • Probability Reports by Account Executive, Brokers, General Agencies
  • Status Reports
  • Trends in Loss Ratio, Claim Activities vs. Premiums Charged
  • Plan Design/Benefits Trends
  • Termination Status Report
  • Member Demographics
  • Subscriber/Broker/Specialist Address Book
  • Prospects by Lead Source
  • Subscriber/Broker/Specialist Detail
  • Subscriber/Broker/Specialist Phone Book
  • Subscribers/Prospects by Member Company
  • Brokers by Agencies
  • Specialists by Providers
  • Subscriber/Broker/Specialist Summary
  • Support Contact
  • Top 100 Lead Sources
  • Member Company Product List
  • Member Company List by Weight
  • Member Company/Agency/Provider Address Book
  • Member Company/Agency/Provider Detail
  • Member Company/Agency/Provider Summary
  • Member Company/Agency/Provider Phone List
  • Territory Alignment
  • Activities Reports
  • History by Member Company/Agency/Provider
  • History by Subscriber/Prospect/Broker/Specialist
  • History Summary
  • Quotes and Renewals by Account Manager
  • Quotes and Renewals by Member Companies/Agencies
  • Opportunity Summary
  • Potential Sales Opportunities
  • Product by Opportunity
  • Expenses by Rep
  • Open/closed Quotes and Renewal
  • Productivity by Rep
  • Campaign Report

If you do not have some of these reports or need customized reports, unique for your Organizations/PPO, you should consider reading the next section.


QIEM HMOZ can provide you with these reports or any other types of reports you might need to get the most out of your data. QIEM HMOZ can be customized to have specific fields no one else has and allows you to run reports on them. Sometimes management requires more complex reports where data is manipulated or imported from another system — this is where QIEM HMOZ is ahead in the Health Care CRM industry.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Solution Auditis better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.