tmThere are many reasons to update Goldmine or upgrade to a different CRM system, whether it is new useful and
easily applicable features of new Goldmine versions, the appeal of other CRM systems, current Goldmine database problems, lack of support available for older versions, the need for additional licenses or a variety of other reasons. We can help with the installation of any Goldmine upgrades and updates for any Goldmine version you want to implement

Goldmine Upgrade Protection Program


The current Goldmine Upgrade Protection Program (UPP) only services those with Goldmine versions 5.x and above, yet if you currently have an older version of Goldmine we can help you upgrade to the latest one or a better suited CRM database system. If you do have the required version of Goldmine, the Upgrade Protection Program gives you instant online access to any available updates and upgrades. The current Goldmine upgrades and updates are listed below. For latest Goldmine features and reasons to upgrade, view the Goldmine v.6.7 Corporate Ed. pdf file.

  • GoldMine® 6.7 – version 6.70.61214
  • GoldMine® 6.7 – version 6.70.50123
  • GoldMine® 6.7 – version 6.70.41114
  • GoldMine® 6.5 – version 6.50.40704
  • GoldMine® 6.5 – version 6.50.40321
  • GoldMine® 6.5 – version 6.50.40304
  • GoldMine® 6.5 – version 6.50.31113
  • GoldMine® 6.0 (Business Contact Manager) – version 6.00.40703
  • GoldMine® 6.0 (Business Contact Manager) – version 6.00.30503
  • GoldMine® 6.0 (Business Contact Manager) – version 6.00.30403
  • GoldMine® 6.0 (Business Contact Manager) – version 6.00.30203
  • GoldMine® 6.0 (Business Contact Manager) – version 6.00.21021
  • GoldMine® 5.7 (Business Contact Manager) – version 5.70.30503
  • GoldMine® 5.7 (Business Contact Manager) – version 5.70.20404
  • GoldMine® 5.7 (Business Contact Manager) – version 5.70.11111
  • GoldMine® 5.5 – version 5.50.10424

If you are using the Upgrade Protection Program, in order to perform an update you will need to:

  1. Connect to the Internet and Log into your version of Goldmine
  2. Select Help ? Update Goldmine
  3. Open Net-Update tab, click Net-Update Now

If you do not have the Upgrade Protection Program and would like to upgrade to the current version of Goldmine CRM or to discuss other CRM database options contact us directly at (###) ###-####. To guide you along in the process here are some steps to follow in getting your Goldmine upgrade and updates:First Steps:

  1. Consult a Goldmine Business Partner, like Quality Integrity, to plan your upgrade. We have been through it before and can advise you on how to avoid potential documented and undocumented pitfalls leading to unnecessary costs and lost productivity. We will also test databases, scripts, customizations, integrations to other applications all prior to finalizing the upgrade.
  2. Determine if your version can undergo a direct upgrade
  3. Assign each team a primary member
  4. Review picklists in your upgrade bundle and find out your JOINDATA
  5. For time zone conversion, have your users’ time zones ready
  6. Once you go ahead with the Goldmine upgrade, only conduct tests in development or test environments, not in your production system.

If you are wondering what makes Quality Integrity qualified to assess your needs and aid you with upgrading your particular Goldmine version, besides extensive familiarity with Goldmine and other CRM software, then contact us directly. Understanding customers’ business objectives and their existing customizations gives Quality Integrity an advantage as a Business Partner and a specialist in your specific business environment.



Goldmine Versions / Editions

Side-by-side comparison of the 4 GoldMine Editions: GoldMine Standard, GoldMine Corporate, GoldMine Premium, and GoldMine Enterprise.




GoldMine Premium Edition

*New intuitive user interface, customer service module, workflow, and features.

*Best suited for mid-size and distributed enterprises wanting to add customer service and new features to an already existing Goldmine database or acquire a Goldmine product with both customer service and sales automation capabilities.

  • New preview panes added to Contact List views present a sample of detailed contact information.
  • Contact Record tabs are flexible to reordering and customization.
  • Left hand navigation bars have been enhanced with major new Goldmine features.
  • New tabs are easily added and displayed on the user interface providing quick navigation between open windows.
  • Organization chart within contact relationships tab visually displays the organization’s structure and roles within the company.
  • Open and closed activities and communications with clients visually displayed in the Activity List preview pane.
  • Leads analysis tools help analyze the value and characteristics of incoming leads
  • Customer service and support features help track, resolve and report service requests, and alert all supporting agents with upcoming and urgent cases for improved client satisfaction and retention.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office (data export and mail merge features), Microsoft SQL, Firebird, Microsoft Outlook and other third party applications.
  • Accessible Knowledge Base features help customer service representatives analyze and resolve customer service issues.
  • Out of the box reports from the Goldmine Premium report center aid with statistical or graphical data analysis and sales, forecast and quota analysis.
  • Recently Viewed box, Contact Search box, user configurable grid controls (Group By, Summary, Filter), auto-complete capabilities for accurate field data entry, Tip of the Day and more.



GoldMine Enterprise Edition

*New Goldmine architecture and .NET technology from Microsoft, added flexibility with addition and modification of various fields, forms, relationships, and new sales, marketing and service capabilities.

*Best suited for mid-size and distributed enterprises with Goldmine users seeking an integrated product or those seeking a feature-rich solution to meet highly demanding business needs.

  • Define your user-interface and manage customer data and relationships by customizing it to your business (e.g. define categories by account, household, distributor, etc).
  • Integrate finance/accounting departments, order management systems, back-end ERP with your centralized database.
  • Forecast dashboards visualize forecasted figures facilitating better analysis and decision making for management.
  • Integrated Quoting tool automates previously common failure points in the sales process for guaranteed consistency of customer information, products, pricing, and cross-selling offers. Flexible approval processes then standardize your quotes and manage exceptions.
  • Added campaign management features allow you to create test campaigns and run trials, fine-tune them as they roll-out using real-time data and thus predict and quantify possible campaign ROI.
  • Solid lead management features that rank, qualify, reassign and distribute leads to the right person automatically.
  • Consistency in customer support with full access to case history.
  • Dashboards with real-time data that increase opportunity capture are configurable at all levels with customizable look and feels.
  • Central reporting tool allows report configuration without programming knowledge
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Vista, Microsoft Office, Microsoft.Net, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and other third party applications.



GoldMine Corporate Edition

*New robust functionality, low total cost of ownership and agile integration capabilities.

*Best suited for small, mid-sized or distributed enterprises, either currently using Goldmine or considering it, and do not require customer support capabilities (as offered in Goldmine Premium).

  • Integration with HEAT Service& Support, FrontRange Voice IP Contact Center, GoldMine IP Voice Suite, and others.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange allows you to freely share and transfer contacts, emails, calendars and schedules.
  • Integration with Microsoft Reporting Services helps you analyze your data and schedule automatic emailing of reports to users. Both mass mailings and database administration can be automated.
  • Browser features let you view information from external sources, such as databases, back office systems and websites.
  • Pluggable Active X /HTML Containers integrate applications such as SoftPhone.
  • Microsoft reporting services integration features.
  • Ability to create, manage, preview, and generate reports and personalized, targeted emails, letters and faxes from a centralized area.
  • Automated synchronization with GoldSync.
  • Access to remote data and the web via iGoldMine or iGoldMIne Plus.



GoldMine Standard Edition

*Update GoldMine Standard Version has been discontinued. Old versions may be upgraded to the GoldMine Corporate, Premium or Enterprise Editions.

  • Contact and time management capabilities with daily scheduling, reminders and alerts.
  • Sales force automation with automated mailings and results tracking.
  • Real-time updating of your pipeline with opportunity tracking features that track products, prospects, revenue potential, etc.
  • Synchronize with PDAs and handheld devices or via GoldSync.



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