This training goes over the advanced features of Goldmine software for more experienced users looking to deepen their goldmine knowledge. A sample lesson plan is listed below.

  • Working with Data Subsets, Advanced Filters and Groups: Filters vs Groups, Using Filters (More complex expressions), Creating and utilizing a Group, Other group building methods, Scheduling Activities with Groups, Activity Lists
  • Organization Tree: When to use Organization Trees, Using Organization Trees
  • Creating Standard Letters and Mailshots: Customizing existing Templates, Mail merge using Goldmine Templates, Using E-Mails for mail shots
  • Data Analysis: Analyzing Forecast Sales, Analyzing Call Ratios
  • GoldMine Basic and Advanced Reports: An Introduction to Reports, Accessing the Report Area, Using Advanced Reporting Features
  • Opportunity and Project Manager: Working with Opportunity Templates, Adding an Opportunity Record, Tracking Issues, Tracking Forecasted Sales, Working with Automated Processes
  • E-mail within Goldmine: Accessing the Email Center, Adding/Deleting message folders, Local Menus and Toolbars, Viewing Waiting Emails
  • Marketing with Goldmine: Advanced Filters and groups, Mail Merge and Email Merge, Basic Automated Processes, Linking to your Web Site, Managing a Campaign, Marketing Reports
  • Using Preference: Setting and changing individual user preferences
  • Other Features: Linking to Word and creating template documents in Word, Excel, and Outlook, Implementing Macros, Tagging Records, Document Management Center and Info Center


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