This training option offers technical training for Goldmine database administrators. A sample lesson plan is listed below.

  • System Settings: Looking up Windows Settings, Setting up Profiles and new users, Setting Passwords, Labels – global and local, Creating and Editing Customized Screens, Defining Fields, Defining Views
  • Importing and Exporting Files and Records: File Formats, Exporting DBF Files, Creating and Import Profile
  • Customizing Toolbars: Toolbar Preferences, Moving and Copying icons between toolbars, Deleting an icon, Adding and deleting macros to the Toolbar, Defining a New Toolbar
  • Data Maintenance and Assuring Data Integrity: Packing and rebuilding, Indexing, Merging and purging using Wizard, De-duplicating data, Handling unneeded records
  • Synchronization: Transferring contacts, Remote Synchronization, Creating and Retrieving a Transfer Set, Keeping all records in sync
  • Automating Process: Explanation, Defining, Creating and attaching a Track, Processing and editing a Track, Adding an event, Adding a Branching event, Removing a Track
  • GoldSync: Setting up a synchronization server, Setting up Sites and Remote Users, Installing Remote Goldmine, Send and Receive Options, Linked Document Synchronization
  • Other Features: Customizing Fields and Detail Records, Users and Security, Database Structures, Global Replace Wizard, Territory Realignment, Record Ownership, SQL Queries, License Manager, Systems Logs Overview



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