There is no better way of knowing whether you will like the Goldmine system other than trying it out for yourself, tmhowever, we have compiled a goldmine review that might be helpful in making your decision; whether you want to purchase Goldmine CRM or support and training, switch to another CRM system or to stay with your current Goldmine database.

Sales/Marketing and Customer Service Reps

  • All customer information united in one consistent location accessible to sales, service and marketing departments for effective communication with the entire client base
  • Painless daily activity management with automated scheduling of phone calls, appointments, to-do’s, lead activities, sending emails, and updating lead information. Organize appointments, meetings or workshops in real time across the internet.
  • Intuitive campaign creation features help create and initiate email campaigns with the campaign wizard listing qualifying contacts for specific campaigns and automatically generating each user’s activities.
  • Track detailed information on clients, lead sources, campaigns, project status, timeframes, and competitors to gain an overview of which markets to sell to most effectively, gain competitor intelligence, and determine sales activities that help shorten the sales cycle with optimal customer wins.




  • View and monitor all your reps’ daily, weekly, monthly activities, product and services information, and revenue details with the group calendar feature to maintain a consistent selling process.
  • Goldmine forecast feature or ‘the big picture’ allows managers to track all opportunities throughout the sales cycle and compare forecasted to actual sales in order to guide sales reps to a successful close. Forecast tools allow users to better predict, manage and analyze their pipeline.



Why else should I choose or pass on GoldMine CRM?

  • Plus : If you are a Windows Vista user, you might be delighted to hear that GoldMine CRM was recently featured by Microsoft as the only CRM Product in their Vista Launch.
  • Plus : Last year, GoldMine v7.03 Corporate Edition was chosen for Top 45 Best by VARBusiness Magazine.
  • Plus : GoldMine CRM is rapidly deployable and easy-to-use for centralizing data and team-based selling.
  • Plus : Service Desk strengths, specifically integration with HEAT, and strong sales process execution through email automation.
  • Plus : Good basic contact management for small sales teams; free templates.
  • Minus : Chronic synchronization problems with GoldSync even in current editions.
  • Minus : Limited web-based functionality
  • Minus : Some structural problems with legacy code that limit new product feature enhancements.

Additional features of latest versions:

  • New redesigned and graphical Automated Processes Center interface, with step-by-step instructional wizards, allows automated lead follow-up and drip marketing campaigns.
  • Synchronization Snapshot allows field reps to review new, changed and deleted data during each incoming synchronization session. This speeds up performance and makes maintenance, diagnostics and change-tracking easier for administrators and field reps.
  • Built-in Sync Spy diagnostic utility facilitates diagnostics for users and administrators.
  • E-mail updates, bulletins and newsletters with pre-defined groups of recipients. Users can specify a single e-mail address and eliminate the need to manually ‘cc’ multiple users with new E-mail Distribution lists.
  • Added distribution lists, basic HTML support, ability to apply E-mail rules to incoming and outgoing messages.

Additional features of latest versions: Goldmine version 6.5

  • automated data conversion from ACT!, Microsoft Outlook and Excel to Goldmine 6.5 database

Additional features of latest versions: Goldmine version 6.7

  • Quick start wizard and installation and setup assistant for new users
  • Goldmine Lookup Wizard helps you build SQL query strings to locate specific records and contact information across GoldMine applications.
  • Microsoft SQL reporting services integration
  • GoldMine+ view tab for posting graphics and sound files and GoldMine+ Browser for viewing information from external sources (databases, back office systems and websites).
  • Improved client data search capabilities with Action Shortcuts. Create, search and filter specific views, fields, rules for contacts and records.
  • Back-up and restore tool for data security
  • Enhanced integration with all COM capable development tools, third-party applications, including .NET and XML, Palm OS 5.0+, PDAs, smartphones, and handheld devices for better mobile productivity, increased security and more control.
  • Plug-Ins for custom application integration provide custom menu options where you can easily embed custom applications into GoldMine. GoldMine Plug Ins also support ActiveX objects.
  • SMS text Messaging capability. Send text messages directly from GoldMine to any contact’s cell phone.
  • Integration with Softphone. Softphone support capabilities allow you to use the Internet to make and receive calls with caller ID, and forward calls to other GoldMine users, thus reducing telephone expenses.
  • Integration with IP Contact Center
  • Redesigned database architecture (removal of BDE and replacement of dBase with Firebird, an ANSI SQL database). As well, MS SQL is still an available database option. The result of which is improved ease of program use, faster program speed, and reduced memory overhead.

Additional features of latest versions: Goldmine version 8.0

  • Modern look and feel makes GoldMine Premium Edition easier to learn and use
  • Tabbed view provides quick navigation between open windows in GoldMine
  • Enhanced left hand navigation bar allows direct access into major features
  • Contact record display enables more customizability
  • Organization chart within contact relationships tab visually displays organization structure and roles
  • Contact list preview panes for quick navigation to detailed information
  • Recently Viewed box displays records just recently accessed in GoldMine
  • Contact Search Box is always present for faster access into contacts
  • User configurable grid controls, such as, Group By, Summary and Filter mechanisms
  • Activity List allows users to easily manage open and closed activities, email communications and more.
  • Auto-complete capability improves speed and accuracy in field data entry
  • Tip of the day helps users learn about the features of GoldMine�

Goldmine Review

The following Goldmine software review includes a list of comments regarding Goldmine CRM we often hear from users. Feel free to let Quality Integrity know your experience with the software and inquire about our Design Audit that may help you decide on the system that is best for your company.

‘Goldmine is straightforward when it comes to seeing when activities are created and it is easy to insert data.’

    • ‘The software is labour intensive to customize and implement, at times it does not synch and we cannot use the dial system.’
    • ‘Goldmine is versatile, it keeps track of many activities and history, and it is easy to add-in different fields.’
    • ‘The integrated email feature and the email broadcast are very powerful and it is easy to back-date and make corrections.’
    • ‘There are problems with the documentation system like Accounting and Client Record, and with reporting tools such as the Report Generator and Report Writer.’
    • ‘It simply does what we want it to do, it is easy and quick to use, it manages emails and the contact base, has a broad range of print options and good basic functions.’
    • ‘In Goldmine, it is difficult to do filters with multiple criteria, export data and it does not handle duplicate records.’
    • ‘Goldmine provides us with the information we are looking for, and at times it’s like swatting a fly with a bazooka: way more technology and features than required to solve a small problem.’

Note: The above Goldmine review is a collection of praises and concerns and does not necessarily reflect Quality Integrity’s view of the Goldmine CRM software. For advice on Goldmine please contact us directly.

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