tmDo you find yourself saying ‘If only GoldMine could…’ in relation to your business needs, even though Goldmine, like many other CRM solutions, has numerous features already? You hear GoldMine CRM can increase opportunities, prospects, customer relations, productivity, and streamline your sales and marketing, yet how can a single CRM system accomplish all those things for businesses with diverse needs?

GoldMine Customization Options


The answer lies first in GoldMine customization and consequently GoldMine implementation. To truly translate a Goldmine CRM system into a business solution that increases your ROI you need a team of highly experienced CRM service providers, like QI, to customize Goldmine according to how your company wants and needs to use it, and integrate it with other business process software.



QI GoldMine Customization Objectives

  • QI focuses on your organization’s business needs, objectives and processes to design a simple GoldMine CRM solution that is easy to use for your sales reps, customer service reps, marketers, IT and management.
  • Often the simplest GoldMine solution is the best CRM solution, yet QI also tackles even the most complicated GoldMine customizations to make GoldMine work for you.
  • We consult your employees and GoldMine users, make insightful recommendations, and identify where technology can be applied to help them perform their tasks.
  • QI makes sure the customized Goldmine will be easy to implement by all your users and we provide personalized attention and tools for your company to be as self-sufficient as possible.
  • QI follows up with training tailored to each user’s need to achieve successful implementation and integration into your business world.

Among other customizations, QI customizes your GoldMine to perform Automated Processes for you, thus automating routine tasks, including tracking processes, procedures and productivity. You can set up a series of predefined actions to be executed for any group of contacts or accounts in the database. Furthermore, Quality Integrity performs Goldmine customization with all versions of GoldMine, whether it is the new feature rich Goldmine Corporate Edition or old Standard Edition Goldmine software.

We do not believe in the ‘one size fits all’ methodology of using premade Goldmine templates for companies we provide Goldmine and other CRM services for. Indeed, don’t get caught in a stereotypical CRM nightmare of spending thousands on CRM and then on inadequate, wholly unrelated to your business, customizations that many providers give you. As previously mentioned, QI customizes GoldMine for you rather than charging for a template – as useless as an overly complicated, feature-dense CRM program .

With over 20 years of experience in the customer relationship management implementation and customization, we have customized CRM Software for many industries including, and not limited to, healthcare, manufacturing, wholesale, banking, retail, distribution, financial, insurance, mutual funds, automotive, information management and many others. For details on the customizations we can do for you.



GoldMine Integration

Due to the market demand for server-based integration to Exchange to accommodate new devices, such as BlackBerry and other hand held email clients, Goldmine CRM now fully integrates to Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server. GoldMine integration services for Microsoft Outlook connect Goldmine and Outlook creating a complete email history for contacts, and Goldmine Corporate Edition Integration services for Microsoft Exchange Server give your enterprise new calendar and scheduling capabilities. Goldmine can also be integrated with FaxPress. Ultimately, Goldmine integration allows multi-server support, bi-directional synchronization and helps entire companies view designated shared calendars, schedule appointments and access contacts whether they are using GoldMine Corporate Edition or Outlook via the Exchange Server.

Do you have a database/s that you need importing into GoldMine or an accounting system that needs to be linked with GoldMine? Maybe you have data in a number of Excel spreadsheets or you need sales information transferred from your order processing system? No problem, we can carry out the full transfer of data for you, including a data cleansing service to de-dupe the data. We highly recommend that you consult with Quality Integrity before trying any implementations and integrations and for specific systems requirements, overall help and information call us directly at 1 800 611-4343.

Note that if you choose not to have our Goldmine Support team work with you and perform the Goldmine integrations and installations, we will not cover technical support for installation issues as part of your covered maintenance agreement.



Benefits of Integrated Data

Whether you experienced the need for Goldmine integration or you may have heard a lot about it, regardless, you need to evaluate the benefits and costs of implementation. You need help identifying, managing and solving your needs, and Quality Integrity offers a unique Design Audit solution. To see how Goldmine integration can benefit each member of your company, read on below.

  • Track incoming leads with Microsoft Outlook and import them into Goldmine for contact management. From these leads, you can identify your best ones and classify them in your Goldmine database right away. Such improved focus is essential for your Marketing strategies, not only can you target your best customers, but you can also find prospects just like them.
  • Customer Service departments are not left without the goods either. Goldmine integration with Outlook, allows them to build better relationships with customers, gain their loyalty and recurring revenue for the company.
  • Again, it is crucial to Sales as well, resulting in improved sales effectiveness (better close and win rates), targeting the ideal prospects, focusing the sales force on the right opportunities, and maximizing time spent with qualified leads.
  • For Management, sales rep adoption of the CRM system is necessary, before management can benefit from tracking the sales force and achieving a high-level view of the organization. Once reps find how easy it is to use Goldmine that has been integrated with Outlook, for managers, end-user adoption will be the farthest thing from their mind. In fact, they will enjoy the consistent sales methodology, increased cross-selling of products and services, and better company oversight.
  • Overall company benefits from having the marketing department work closer with sales and customer service. With marketing directly contributing to lead flow into the organization and their management, with customer service keeping opportunities warm through regular communication and knowledgeable assistance, and the sales converting hot leads into customers, the whole sales process becomes automated and your company can focus on increasing revenue and ROI rather then stressing about reducing costs.

Listed below are some benefits our customers profited from after successful goldmine integration.





General Integration


  • Flexibility in managing accounts
  • Established relationships between data entities in separate systems via smart links that can be shared once synchronized
  • Automatic synchronization of new customer and supplier accounts in Goldmine to back-office applications
  • Greatly improved response rate to customer requests by workgroup and remote users
  • Robust front-office and back-office integration
  • Offline access to back-office data, such as account information, sales quotes and orders for remote users without the need to deploy an accounting module on the Goldmine client
  • Automatic transfer to the Goldmine database and back-office accounting system once synchronized
  • Secure visibility of back-office data, such as open sales orders, invoice history and credit status which can be viewed directly in Goldmine in real time
  • Scalability for high transaction volumes and multiple applications
  • Ease of use with full integration of Goldmine with Outlook and other capabilities for unified calendar and email features
  • The Goldmine integration module customized to accommodate specific end user integration requirements and work with existing business partner add-ons.
  • Customized solutions fit for your budget, incomparable technical support and maintenance, substantial time savings, increased organization with everything you need in one place on a few logical screens with systems to help you solve and service clients better

Most of the integrations listed below are available only with the latest versions such as Goldmine Corporate Edition v.6.7, visit Goldmine Upgrades and Updates to see how to get your Goldmine system up-to-date.





Related to Microsoft Outlook Integration


Note: If you own GoldMine Corporate Edition 6.0 or higher you DO NOT need to purchase GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Outlook Licenses.

  • Meetings scheduled in Outlook automatically appear in the Goldmine calendar, without the need to open Goldmine. So you can send information from an Exchange public calendar to a Goldmine user’s calendar to keep everyone updated. Similarly, synchronization can go the other way, with scheduled activities in Goldmine automatically syncing to Exchange.
  • Allow Outlook users to access and see Goldmine contact information via Outlook Address Book by synchronizing it to a public contacts folder in Exchange, such that you can bring up Goldmine and open a contact linked to the current highlighted email.
  • Easy planning of meetings and events with Goldmine and Outlook users by checking their availability on their calendar from within the Exchange scheduling tool in Outlook.
  • Users do not need further training to share their data, as it can be transferred automatically with the server-based synchronization process.
  • Complete view and history of email correspondence for contacts shared by Goldmine and Outlook from either program. Received and sent emails can be automatically linked to the Goldmine contact. The Goldmine database will be searched for the sender’s email and will link the message to it. You can also link emails to any new contact records you create.





Related to FaxPress Integration with Goldmine


  • Users can broadcast customized faxes to a Goldmine contact list with full Goldmine fax merge support
  • Fixed documents can be easily broadcasted to Goldmine contacts
  • Quick faxing to Goldmine contacts without the need to enter destination fax number, name, etc.



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