What is Goldmine CRM?

As any CRM system, Goldmine software helps you manage your business functions, processes and data related to your customer, clients, and prospects, particularly useful for the sales, customer service and marketing departments.



Why do I need Goldmine CRM software?

Like the Internet, CRM cannot be avoided despite the challenges of implementation, customization and successful department-wide deployment of the system. All small, mid-size and large corporations use CRM to align business processes and connect back and front offices for better management of customer data. This is the best way to build long-lasting customer relationships. Hence the term, CRM, stands for customer relationship management.

Effective and well implemented CRM allows you to be the company that customers enjoy doing business with. It starts with the sales department and sales force automation where the selling process and tracking of customer data becomes automatic. CRM software like Goldmine CRM goes beyond the sales department, giving the marketing and customer service departments, as well as IT and management, access to sales data, and as such, an opportunity to market to the right prospects, provide better service and reduce the cost of dealing with customer complaints. You make sure your prospects and existing customers do not leave for the competition due to bad service or a seeming lack of cohesion within the company.



QIEM’s Goldmine Services and Information

  • Overview of Goldmine highlighting the features our clients really get excited about.  [more]
  • Understanding the versions and editions of Goldmine out in the marketplace.  [more]
  • Our Goldmine support services for your deployment.  [more]
  • Our Goldmine training services for your deployment.  [more]
  • Customization and integration of Goldmine to your business requirements.  [more]
  • Our Goldmine Design Audit that increases the successful implementation of your Goldmine deployment to 95%.  [more]


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