image004As a marketing executive, your ability to effectively plan campaigns and communicate results with your team is critical to your organization’s growth. CRM Success offers analysis and solutions for the most common problems marketing departments like yours experience today. Select your area of concern below to receive the industry best practices advice:

Marketing Campaign Issues

Marketing has been the most important tool used by corporate giants in the conduct of their businesses. A connection with potential clients can be made in many ways, including print advertisements, news releases, a Web site, involvement in community service projects, public awareness campaigns on various health and safety issues, lectures on health topics, or even a health column in the local newspaper.

Marketing’s prime purpose is to increase customer acquisition so that profits can be generated. Education is a new form of marketing; organizations can use it to promote their products, discourage clients to switch to their competitors, and increase customer loyalty.

The old marketing model was such that a marketer does everything to attract a prospect, and the prospect purchases a product or service. This push marketing was equivalent to shooting in the dark because organizations were wasting money and valuable marketing resources to hopefully hit someone. The new CRM Success model builds a two-way stream of continual communication. Marketing can understand prospects better by listening and seeing a complete picture, and later easily turn them into subscribers. This allows you to close the plan services gap and understand exactly how to refine your marketing strategies: targeting the right person at the right time with the right message.

CRM Success is the best way to test different calls to action against one another, on different profitable groups of prospects; to increase marketing campaign response rates and qualified leads when you need them before open enrollment. On the other hand, boosting renewals through process improvement and automated knowledge strengthens existing relationships with brokers and direct sales.

Not only does CRM Success provide a solution to the problems mentioned earlier, it also gives your HMO/PPO the following benefits:

  • Target specific types of members, sizes of companies (e.g. mini markets).
  • Up-sell faster and more effectively.
  • Cross-sell smart additional riders.
  • Convince and educate brokers to carry more lines.
  • Educate your prospects about your products.
  • Track shipping costs for marketing materials
  • Track campaign sources and costs.
  • Compare lead sources.
  • Test different plan offers, different calls to action.
  • Organize/manage seminars, educational events.

We can gladly demonstrate how CRM Success solves marketing campaign issues unique to your organization.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Design Audit is better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.


Insufficient or Inaccurate Reporting

It is quite difficult to estimate what part of total losses is contributed by the lack of reports, because when an organization improves their reporting tools, everything is triggered to lead to numerous improvements and growth.

Does your organization take advantage of the following reports?

  • Sales Activities for the Month by General Agency, Agency, Broker, and Account Executive
  • Monthly Closing Ratio
  • Users Activities Report
  • Competitors Report
  • Sales Trends Report
  • Customer Demographics
  • Prospects by Lead Source
  • Top 100 Lead Sources
  • Territory Alignment
  • Activities Reports
  • History Summary
  • Opportunity Summary
  • Potential Sales Opportunities
  • Product by Opportunity
  • Expenses by Rep
  • Open/closed Quotes and Renewal
  • Productivity by Rep
  • Campaign Report


If you do not have some of these reports or need customized reports, unique for your organizations, you should consider reading the next section.

CRM Success can provide you with these reports or any other types of reports you might need to get the most out of your data. CRM Success can be customized to have specific fields no one else has and allows you to run reports on them. Sometimes management requires more complex reports where data is manipulated or imported from another system — this is where CRM Success is ahead in the Health Care CRM industry.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Design Audit is better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.


Low Customer Retention

Loyal customers are the cornerstone of success for organizations at every level. Beyond its proven track record in improving retention rates, CRM Success customer relationship management is a perfect fit for organizations seeking increased customer loyalty.

Using our detailed databases, healthcare organizations can divide customers into small, well-defined segments. This kind of segmentation allows companies to more effectively customize programs, services, and communications on a one-to-one level.

Quality Interity gives you the advantage of having a complete picture about your customers, and a tool that makes you faster and more attractive than your competitors.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Design Audit is better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.


Competitor Tracking

Everyday your competitive advantage against industry rivals is being eroded by the people in your organization. Daily discoveries of why you won or lost a prospect are made and not captured. In our experience, the easiest way to profitability is not doing more quotes, offering new services, or expanding your staff. The best way is to increase your close ratio, and the most successful way to sell more in less time is to learn what does not work, avoid it, and do repetitively only what works.

Once you have captured the competitive business intelligence, inculcation is done simply by letting CRM Success show you how to apply the specific knowledge for your processes, keyword searches, and competitors library. Imagine that you might know who you compete against on a contact even before your quote. Now you can.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, your brand and service distinctions will make the difference. Positioning your competitors behind you through planting targeted landmines will help you to close more. Such positioning is delivered through automated CRM Success relationship building processes. Moreover, knowing the precise timing gives you the best advantage over your competition increasing morale with the powerful tools we can offer you.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Design Audit is better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.