image010As an IT executive, your ability to work effectively can be reduced by dealing with continual headaches from your CRM software, and take you away from your core competencies.. CRM Success offers analysis and solutions for the most common problems IT departments like yours experience today. Select your area of concern below to receive the industry best practices advice:

Outside Reps Synchronization

Have your sales and marketing colleagues ever voiced a need for remote data synchronization or more frequent data synchronization? Now you know how to help them:

  • Subscribe to user-defined subsets of available data to minimize data transfer.
  • Ensure data consistency in all databases across your organization.
  • Connect and receive changes using a standard RAS connection and apply changes while offline.
  • Control changes applied with custom field-level conflict resolution rules.
  • Prevent unwanted access to data by setting record-level security. Managers may automatically access subordinates’ public data.
  • Share accounts, contacts, and opportunities between users or teams.

Both outside and inside reps can benefit from the instant and powerful synchronization capability built into our software solutions.

We all know paper-based systems are an inefficient way to track customer contacts, and they do nothing to enable communication with the sales representatives’ home-office colleagues.

When coupled with our customer relationship management (CRM) applications (software packages designed as productivity tools for sales professionals), your team’s smartphones can provide excellent opportunities for boosting sales, fostering communications, and enhancing customer service.

Our software enables a mobile salesforce to access rich, easy-to-navigate, up-to-date customer information and other corporate data. Data, such as subscribers lists, member companies, broker and agency records, provider records, plan design information, sales library, reports, activities, and previous plan/census, is critical to a mobile sales worker. Applications that permit the sharing of information among inside and outside sales representatives, along with customer-service groups working with subscribers, can give Managed Care Organizations a significant competitive advantage by providing better service to their clients.

This is a big relief for multiple branch offices and mobile employees, who are plagued by lost meeting opportunities while on the road. Often, meetings with clients are canceled because of illness, unforeseen problems, or simple forgetfulness. Prior to implementing the CRM Success software, when meetings would fall through, sales reps would attempt to contact other clients in the area by consulting paper records or outdated software… Now they can plug in the ZIP code of a client’s location on a smartphone device and instantly receive information on other customers in the same area.

Armed with the latest automation software, sales teams can have the most current information at their fingertips at the most critical point in the sales cycle — the point at which the prospects are ready to sign a contract. More time can be spent discussing the customer’s business issues and building solutions than collecting data that has already been captured in previous interactions along the way. All this information can be stored in a single, central customer database. With reliable daily synchronization, anyone who needs that customer information or needs to check on sales progress can access the most current data and make timely, responsive management decisions. With Web browsers, it is instantaneous.

Make sure you are using the benefit of Outlook Synchronization, now silent and automatic with HMOZ. Synchronization now can run automatically and silently so you never have to think about clicking a button or running a program — it just happens! Plus, you also can sync contacts, calendar items, and tasks from Outlook to the PDA of your choice.

More information on synchronization capabilities of HMOZ can be obtained through the Design Audit.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Design Audit is better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.


Old, Outdated Software

The software system your sales and marketing reps are using is several years old. You have multiple databases, unmanageable Excel and Word documents, huge repositories of data, homegrown, unsupported programs, or forms and fields thrown together by someone else to meet short-term legislative requirements. Are you unable to produce meaningful reports with this system?

Should you replace it?

Is this system fault-tolerant, secure, fast, and powerful enough to make your organization more productive? If not, is it a good time to upgrade? Will this project succeed? Will it be self-funding? Will you get your ROI?

Companies have had to accept that the solutions to business problems involving customers are not easy, nor can they be solved with technology alone. Working solutions, like those offered by CRM Success, combine expertise, industry knowledge, best practices, technology, and six sigma methodology.

Our solutions can be deployed in phases; after the first phase, the project becomes self-funding. The technology itself is easier to use and less expensive than most monster suites. The functionality is the same, but productivity is much higher. Modularity of deployments gives your organization more control on pace and direction of the project. Your new system will never be outdated by the time it is installed.

With CRM Success you get a better sense of how to assess value and return-on-investment for information technology initiatives. You do not have to rely on ROI calculations. CRM Success simply empowers management to do their job and do it right. More importantly, we encourage canceling projects that are failures.CRM Success offers 90-day project plans. Even if a project takes two years to accomplish, we review it every 90 days. If a manager kills off a project that is a failure, they get rewarded, not punished.

How soon should you reconsider your old outdated software system? Whenever you are ready to boost your productivity, increase your profitability, and free your IT budget to spend it on what you need most.

Through the Design Audit you can compare your old system to our array of solutions, and get a roadmap of where your organization should head.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Design Audit is better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.


Data double entry

Let’s do some math. Entering the same data into your system twice or into the multiple systems takes you twice as much time as if you entered it once. Reps are spending twice as much time on every account as they should. If you can eliminate the data double entry problem for them, they would be able to process twice as many prospects. Doubling up your client acquisition — it would be your management’s dream come true!

It gets even better. If you can eliminate data double entry, the quality of your data goes up: it becomes less error-prone and more consistent. How much time did you spend before, correcting mistakes in all the places where you have entered your data? How much time did it take you before to remove all the duplicates? How much time did you spend before synchronizing inconsistencies in all the systems? Imagine having all this free time to do the job you really like.

The existence of multiple non-integrated applications for contact management, claims processing, and accounting dictates three points of redundant data entry. In addition, the inability for both sales and marketing reps and customer support to input and access data simultaneously, significantly slows down all other processes.

Up to 10 percent of database entries usually have data-entry errors. The time required to complete customer and sales extends the time delay and errors, resulting in an overall impact of quote-to-customer delay by 65 percent and an overall error billing rate of 13 percent. The cost impact of the problem is threefold:

  • Resource cost for personnel performing data entry
  • Delay in communication with prospects and quote losses
  • Cost of errors introduced during manual data entry to multiple applications

However, reducing data entry errors by 90-97 percent is possible. CRM Success eliminates double entry and keeps every user on the same page with current data. Employees of your organizations will be able to perform mail merges, set callbacks, schedule interoffice reminders, and build stronger relationships with your customers and prospects.

Our application collects the data directly into a SQL or Oracle database and eliminates the need for duplicate paper applications and posting of data entry by account executives. This application will eliminate data-entry costs associated with processing renewal forms as well.

CRM Success’s software enables information to be updated between multiple systems, so that critical data such as member companies, agencies and brokers, provider accounts, quotes, renewals, and plan designs are automatically shared and updated, thus eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

Our solutions integrate with most accounting, claim processing systems and email programs such as Outlook. You enter data only once into the system, and it can be easily imported anywhere else. Enjoy the seamless information flow from sales and marketing, to the underwriting, and back. You and all other important decision makers can experience this through the Design Audit step.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Design Audit is better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.


Back Office Integration

Imagine there exists back-office integration between your front office system and all of the following: accounting system, Outlook, customer support system, and reporting tools. Moreover, your front office allows you to keep track of everything related to your prospects and customers. No more fumbling through multiple interfaces or dealing with multiple logins.

No need to imagine anymore. Now you can experience it.

In today’s competitive marketplace, successful companies are becoming increasingly customer-centric. To support this effort, organizations are looking for comprehensive front office back office solutions to automate and enhance customer-centric processes. Integrated front office back office solutions allow access to the same customer information across multiple departments and across diverse applications, enabling an organizaion to maximize customer service levels.

Customer service, satisfaction, and retention are critical to growing revenues. It is much more cost-effective to keep an existing customer than find a new one, so taking care of existing clients and servicing their needs is of utmost importance. That is why front office applications like our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, the core of front office software, are projected to become the largest growth segment in the software market and are expected to have a lasting impact on how organizations like yours conduct business in the future.

An investment in a front office solution will allow a company to build its business around customers. This commitment leads to strong customer loyalty and higher sales productivity.

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This functionality empowers sales teams to maximize both sales efficiency and customer loyalty. When integrated with most back office systems, our solutions can deliver direct access to pricing, plan design specifications, quotes, and renewals.

discover this info here Marketing

Companies can manage sales campaigns end-to-end and use CRM Success tools for easy-to-use datamining, prospect response tracking, return on investment (ROI) measurement, and campaign metrics reporting.

Sales quotes can be created and flagged for submission to your sales support system. Sales support personnel can work with this information to return their rates. Information can be easily submitted to your accounting system. The accounting application then validates the order and recalculates with current tax information.

more information Benefits

  • Provides timely, accurate financial information critical to selling to and supporting customers
  • Presents sales people and accounting personnel the information they need in a familiar interface they understand
  • Provides the flexibility to accommodate customizations and work in concert with unique business processes

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  • Accounting Information
  • Quotes History
  • Payments
  • Products/Services Information
  • Rating/Pricing
  • Groups/Reports
  • Back-Office Access

online dating login Accounting Information

  • View current balance, and aging A/R
  • Access account type and status
  • View last activity, premium YTD and average days to pay

a knockout post Invoice History

  • View invoice number, date, type, and provider
  • Reference amounts, tax, and discount

rencontre ottange Open Invoices

  • View invoice number, date, due date, and policy number
  • Reference invoice amount, balance, and status

More Info Open Quotes

  • View quote date, number, and type
  • Reference amount, tax, and deposit data

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  • View check date, invoice number, check number, transaction amount, and status
  • Provide rapid responses to customer inquiries

exemple annonce originale pour site de rencontre Pricing

  • View current service/product pricing and discount schedules
  • Produce accurate quotes and associate with customer records


  • Create groups based on financial information and status
  • Generate reports, send letters, or create call lists for collections

Create Quotes

  • Generate quotes and associate with customer records
  • Access product/service options, current pricing, and discounts

Back-Office Access

  • Track sales order information from within customer records
  • View credit history and status

With Integration…

  • Sales Wins: Unprecedented levels of insight into the quoting process
  • Accounting Wins: Increased control of the policy creation process
  • Your Business Wins: Efficiency and effectiveness gains across the organization

Efficiency and Effectiveness Gains Across the Organization

  • Quotes get to accounting faster
  • Customers receive coverage sooner
  • The insurer gets paid faster
  • Sales people and brokers get commission checks earlier
  • Subscribers are serviced better

It is this high level of integration with leading financial, ERP, claim processing, and underwriting systems that empowers everyone in your managed care organization—from sales, marketing, and underwriting to accounting and finance—to work together, efficiently, in the business of building profitable customer relationships.

Integrating CRM Success’s software with your back-office solutions gives your employees greater customer insight by enabling them to:

  • Quickly identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Easily access payment history information
  • Identify additional purchasing power or lack of it
  • Identify availability of products for sales
  • Quickly assist customers with order status
  • Generate more accurate quotes and proposals

Our Design Audit is the best way to find out if your back-office systems integrate with CRM Success’s solutions.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Design Audit is better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.


Long Rep Training Period

Every time IT proposes any improvements to the current system, some resistance is expressed by the end users. It takes your sales and marketing reps time to get familiar with the proposed novelties, and management is not always willing to spend money on constant rep training.

So, if you are sure that the new system will improve your reps’ performance and productivity, how do you convince everybody that it is worth it to re-train your end users? How can you guarantee that training will not take forever? How can you control sales and marketing reps’ learning curve?

Now, there is a practical tool to help new and experienced sales reps take advantage of the opportunities presented by managed care. CRM Success will help you:
•    INCREASE sales for your services/products
•    CONNECT with customers in a way that lets them know you understand their challenges
•    AVOID mistakes than can alienate clientele
•    TRAIN new sales reps quickly and economically
•    BUILD confidence in your sales force, and increase retention of successful reps

The demands on sales representatives are always impacted by market dynamics. The role of training is crucial in providing the support needed to micro-manage a sales territory. Information here is key. Strong knowledge of the customer base, brokerage, physician profiling, and plans/products is critical to successful training, as well as to successful territory management.

CRM Success helps sales and marketing representatives answer questions about products and services. It is Windows-based, making it easy to train new reps. The data and applications, however, will work on any operating system, providing the ability to adapt to future technology. The system allows service reps to track customers’ calls and record them effectively, which streamlines internal processes between member services and other departments.

Professional instructors, outside sales representatives, and training support staff share a “rules-based” view of the same data. CRM Success incorporates views defined by user privileges and extensive management reporting capabilities. You have no idea how much time this saves our customers.

Glowing feedback continues to pour in from our clients, especially from their field reps. Comments such as “best training in 20 years” have led to additional projects. These clients have enlisted us for further services such as developing new materials for future planned phases, revising existing modules, deploying systems for other branches and offices, and introducing additional functionality (including reporting and tracking services).

The intelligence and automation built into the our solutions reduce the time needed to train customer service reps and the number of steps needed to complete a customer interaction.

See for yourself through the Design Audit that CRM Success users do not require long training sessions.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Design Audit is better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.


Difficult to Use Software

Your end users (sales and marketing reps) complain that their system is difficult to use. Most likely, they are right. Health Plans buy software to help their employees be more productive, so it is not unreasonable for managed care organizations to demand easy-to-use software. Ease of use should be the primary guideline for any software company developing new or upgrading current applications.

How do you end up with difficult to use software?

When software development teams are in a rush to deliver, they sometimes skip some of the recommended software engineering principles. They add last minute features to an already overstuffed product where many features are not used. Older modules are mixed with new ones, which make the user interface inconsistent.

Sometimes different developers work on different parts of the user interface, so it does not seem as if it goes together. Because the team may be small, and they are behind schedule, they do not have time for a lot of testing, especially usability testing. You will find that a lot of “cowboy programmers” — especially those under pressure — are more concerned with just making something work as opposed to making it usable. Quite often it is a management problem.

Despite the advancement in software development tools and processes, a large percentage of software applications are still difficult to use. In a recent study, the intended users rated 31 percent of in-house software unacceptable.

Difficult-to-use software results in considerable inefficiencies. Users of software applications, on average, spend between 4 and 10 percent of their time solving usability problems. Not all suppliers of software applications invest heavily in providing ongoing technical support where the majority of problems reported relate to usability issues. There are numerous complaints about “monster suites” — rule-based collections of modules or huge applications that try to please every department in your organization and take several years to deploy.

Developing highly-usable interactive systems requires a user-centered approach utilizing the latest design and assessment guidelines and techniques.

What was done to make our solutions easy-to-use:

  • Planned the project from the beginning
  • Made the user interface simple
  • Did usability testing
  • Fully tested the product
  • Invested in Help
  • Cleaned up error messages
  • Developed a good install program
  • Has a support knowledgebase

The fully integrated CRM Success CRM service delivers all the benefits of traditional CRM software without any of the burden or risk. Features and benefits of the service include:

  • Fast access: Built for the HMOs/PPOs and available anytime, anywhere
  • Ease of use: Intuitive, easy to adopt, minimal training time
  • Customization and personalization: Easily adapts to a company’s existing processes and staff structures and each user’s needs
  • 360 degree view of customer: All departments share visibility into every aspect of customers and prospects
  • World-class functionality: Complete and secure service includes tracking, reporting, analysis, and forecasting available for sales, marketing, and support organizations at a fraction of the cost of traditional CRM systems
  • Wireless access from enabled smarthphone devices and PDAs

CRM Success enables organizations to quickly improve sales and marketing performance and dramatically expand customer service initiatives.

The purpose of this comprehensive and easy-to-use software is to increase “productivity” and “profitability” through effective management control. You can find out more through the Design Audit phase.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Design Audit is better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.


Increasing Development Time

Once you have made a commitment to the new system, how long do you expect the implementation phase to last? What amount of customization, integration, and additional development are you willing to do internally? With CRM Success all these concerns vanish.

CRM Success’s solutions let you finish your development tasks faster and at a lower cost. They provide wizards and utilities to solve housekeeping issues, including concurrency, user interface, security controls, data handling, and more. With these issues handled by CRM Success, your developers are free to customize the application, saving you development time and money.

Our solutions were designed and built with one objective — provide the best performing, most reliable, scalable, configurable, and secure sales automation systems in the marketplace today. Our software uses worry-free security to assure administrators and users that data is secure and never compromised. The robust modular architecture of the product can be attributed to the years of design experience that went into building this state-of-the-art client/server, Web-enabled sales automation solution.

Our solutions are built with the most advanced Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool in the market. When applications are built with this tool, the development time is significantly reduced. The RAD tool enables HMOZ engineers to respond rapidly to changing customer needs and demands.

At the heart of HMOZ, lies proven Microsoft recommended building blocks. HMOZ is fully Microsoft® BackOffice™ compatible. The HMOZ user interfaces are consistent with technologies currently used by Microsoft in its popular suite of office applications.

QIEM database architecture is designed to be scalable, flexible, and highly configurable. Addition and deletion of tables and fields is supported. Database access queries are optimized for the database in use, and intelligent choices are made during program execution, resulting in maximum speed and performance.

CRM Success’ solutions use the universal database engine to handle all its communications with databases. This powerful engine has high performance connections to the in-use database, to provide maximum efficiency and throughput. Our solutions support Microsoft SQL Server™ and Oracle™ databases.

With CRM Success, your development time is reduced to the minimum. Once your development team gets up to speed it will find it can reduce development time by 90 percent or more. For some functions, CRM Success could reduce development time by a factor of 10. You can obtain more information through the Design Audit phase.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Design Audit is better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.