Let’s do some math. Entering the same data into your system twice or into the multiple systems takes you twice as much time as if you entered it once. Reps are spending twice as much time on every account as they should. If you can eliminate the data double entry problem for them, they would be able to process twice as many prospects. Doubling up your membership — it would be your management’s dream come true!

It gets even better. If you can eliminate data double entry, the quality of your data goes up: it becomes less error-prone and more consistent. How much time did you spend before, correcting mistakes in all the places where you have entered your data? How much time did it take you before to remove all the duplicates? How much time did you spend before synchronizing inconsistencies in all the systems? Imagine having all this free time to do the job you really like.


The existence of multiple non-integrated applications for contact management, claims processing, and accounting dictates three points of redundant data entry. In addition, the inability for both sales and marketing reps and underwriters to input and access data simultaneously, significantly slows down all quoting and renewal processes.

Manual data re-entry and double-entry into the various systems extends the time required to complete the quoting process by 50 percent or more, and introduces errors into the process. Up to 10 percent of database entries usually have data-entry errors. The time required to complete underwriting extends the time delay and errors, resulting in an overall impact of quote-to-customer delay by 65 percent and an overall error billing rate of 13 percent. The cost impact of the problem is threefold:

  • Resource cost for personnel performing data entry
  • Delay in communication with prospects and quote losses
  • Cost of errors introduced during manual data entry to multiple applications

However, reducing data entry errors by 90-97 percent is possible. QIEM HMOZ eliminates double entry and keeps every user on the same page with current data. Employees of your Organizations/PPO will be able to perform mail merges, set callbacks, schedule interoffice reminders, and build stronger relationships with your customers and prospects.

The QIEM HMOZ application collects the data directly into a SQL or Oracle database and eliminates the need for duplicate paper applications and posting of data entry by account executives. This application will eliminate data-entry costs associated with processing renewal forms as well.

QIEM HMOZ enables information to be updated between multiple systems, so that critical data such as member companies, agencies and brokers, provider accounts, quotes, renewals, and plan designs are automatically shared and updated, thus eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.


QIEM HMOZ integrates with most accounting, claim processing systems and email programs such as Outlook. You enter data only once into the system, and it can be easily imported anywhere else. Enjoy the seamless information flow from sales and marketing, to the underwriting, and back. You and all other important decision makers can experience this through the Solution Audit step.

One Demo is better than a thousand words, and one Solution Auditis better than a thousand demos. We encourage you to follow our CRM proverb and take advantage of this opportunity.