Business today is pressed to not only provide better service to its customers, but to keep them loyal and generate ongoing sales revenue. While those are the primary goals for company management, businesses must still discover new sales leads. Can a software application help to serve those two seemingly conflicting goals? CRM Success offers consulting for a range of CRM software solutions that empower everything from contact management to sales forecasting. The top choices, Goldmine CRMMicrosoft CRM, Saleslogix CRM, and Salesforce CRM are important technology assets for small and medium sized businesses.

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The latest Customer Relationship Management Software has powerful advanced features that customer service departments and sales teams collect and share customer information so their business can serve customers better. That information can lead to ongoing leads for additional business and help consultants and sales people assist their clients in meeting market changes and identifying areas of improvement.

Customer relationship management is considered increasingly important to businesses who struggle to stay relevant to their clients. Threats to business come from many different fronts, either through technology or the marketing efforts of global competitors. Many businesses are very good at generating customers through large scale marketing efforts, but lose those customers through negative customer experiences or because they simply don’t really understand their customer’s changing needs. The practice of customer relationship management helps businesses relate to customer needs and concerns. It’s not just repeat sales from current customers that drives companies to improve how they serve and interact with customers and thus adopt a CRM solution. Word of mouth reputation management is also important to a company’s new sales generation. Negative opinions expressed by consumers and B2B buyers can prevent many sales opportunities and reduce sales lead generation.

When the phrase customer relationship management is used however, it is often used to describe a process of managing customer contact and sales information. New Customer relationship management software creates a way for sales teams, managers, and customer service reps to know more about a particular customer and what their needs are, conditions in the industry, and general economic, technological, and cultural trends that impact on a company’s business activities. The degree and depth of the information that can shared amongst a sales team, can significantly help in identifying sales opportunities and selling effectively to a particular customer.

Perfecting Customer Intelligence – Business Intelligence

Customer Intelligence refers to the process of collecting, analyzing and utilizing information contained in a company’s customer base. Using our CRM softwareand training services, you’re assured of designing and implementing a customer intelligence system that will become one of your best business assets.

Business intelligence is a growing field of activity focused on understanding customers businesses and their competitors. Becoming more aware of the market however, isn’t just an intellectual exercise. It is increasingly an exercise in collecting timely information and keeping track of the activities of competitors and their interaction with customers. There is no better way to collect valuable information through your sales team and customer service teams. This information is collected and organized and sales people can drill down for deeper insight into their customers real needs. Rather than having this valuable information stored in one single salesperson’s notebook, is stored in the company’s CRM database. Business intelligence means tapping into the collective sales skills of the company salesteam and generating deeper and more timely insight into customer behavior and purchase decision making.