CRM for Managed Care

The HMOZ Customer Relationship Growth Forecast in Managed Care Report is the only source that outlines direct strategies to cut SG&A costs while increasing your membership, evaluates and outlines a plan for future growth, and compares CRM strategies of the top 10 fastest growing MCOs.

Download PDF version:

HMOZ Customer Relationship Growth Forecast

Key Benefits:

  • Learn from the most successful MCO CEOs how to lead organizational change in building relationships
  • Find out how most MCO Sales and Marketing Reps spend their time, and what must change in their routine
  • Improve sales resource allocations and alignment
  • Track your competitor’s growth across lines of business, and launch successful marketing campaigns to win
  • Examine MCO competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Support strategic decisions on market entry and new CRM developments
  • Handle market evolution and growth, including the impact of mergers on your IT infrastructure
  • Discover the fastest growing MCOs’ CRM strategies that can be applied to your MCO
  • Spot industry shifts to help build your strategic plan
  • Benchmark HR resources for Sales and Marketing to anticipate successful growth
  • Analyze the impact of MCO market share, activity, and performance