We’ve come to learn that CRM customization and CRM effectiveness work hand in hand – resulting in improved sales, more productive reps, and clearer insights through actionable reports for management.

The Q & I team, through their CRM Audit process/ Expert Assistance / Technical Expertise, were able to work with us and redesign the CRM for a more functional system. Everybody is using it and management is getting the reports they want!
– University Health Systems

From minor changes to improve usability, to a complete overhaul to match your business goals – we’ve been there. With 25+ years of verifiable success on record, our CRM Audit and company customization process have guaranteed CRM success for organization just like yours, hundreds of times over.
CRMIntegration_GraphicWe work with the top 10 CRM solutions and are experts in customizing the following CRM’s to fit your business requirements: Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Saleslogix, ACT! CRM, Sugar CRM, Siebel/Oracle, SAP and Outlook.

CRM Customization Benefits:

whiteboardCarefully considering the needs of your front line reps, your IT department’s technical specifications, and your stakeholders and decision makers, our CRM customization service is a straight-line path to improved business results. More effective reporting. An increase in user adoption. The ability to sell more, and manage better – it’s the measure of success that has made CRM Success an undisputed CRM leader since 1986.